Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School

Would've been a great thing for Jaymes. All the introductions, the getting to know the room and the teachers and the classmates. Yeah, would have been wonderful. However, thanks to the damned school AGAIN, Jaymes has no bus assigned to him.

When he first started at the old school in Winston, we waited 2 months or more for a bus. They finally got it set up, but the driver almost never showed up on time, wouldn't let me put Jaymes on the bus without his harness (which they didn't rig the bus with!), wouldn't let me get on with Sierra (let's just ditch her on the side of the road while I put on jaymes' harness, I'm SURE the baby knows not to go under the bus or in the road, and won't be bugged by mommy leaving her someplace.

Switched schools, for many reasons. Waited ANOTHER month for a bus. This time, the bus stop was already existing, right by my house, with other kids who were in the same friggin class. Still, a month. The bus would not let him on until he was set up in their transportation system, despire the school principal telling me to just put him on the bus, regardless of what the driver said.

End of last school year? Everyone was supposed to get bus forms. Jaymes didn't, so I asked his teachers, who told me the bus was set, nothing to worry about.

Come Open House day, and they tell me NO BUS. Great, big damn surprise. So I filled out a form and gave it to the office. That was last week. I expected a call on Friday, at the latest. no call. Called them, no answer.

First day of school. A day that I think is important. jaymes has a new teacher, new classmates (most of whom are "normal" preschoolers), and it is the day when everyone gets to know each other and feel comfortable. Jaymes got screwed out of that opportunity, because the school is LAZY.

There is also, of course, the fact that I desperately need peace and quiet, and a day without Jaymes. Should've been today, so me and Sierra could do something special.

I am so upset.

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