Sunday, August 31, 2008

Morning is here...

And I'm about to go get the kids up for the day. I have to say I'm dreading it. Jaymes has been horrible every day, and I find that I don't even have the desire to deal with it at all. I'm sick of yelling, sick of chasing him, sick of trying to clean up the messes he makes before Jason gets home and sees them. I like night time, when he's asleep. He's so cute, asleep.

Sierra has also been horrible. She's mimicking Jaymes' behavior like a little parrot and it makes everything a hundred times worse. She's got this quality to her voice that makes my teeth hurt when she screams. Interestingly, when Jaymes is sleeping or gone, Sierra is a happy, cute, well behaved child.

Wish us luck for a non horrible day. Jaymes is kicking the snot out of his bedroom door and screaming, so I suspect it's time to get going on our day.

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