Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Finally bought an umbrella...

I've found that not having a car available to me is a downer, where rain is concerned. Woke up this morning at 6:15am, and it was raining cats and dogs and goats and gophers too. I've never seen it rain so hard here. I had a feeling that if we had an umbrella, it would be hidden in the hay shed. In the 30 seconds it took to sprint out there in the dark, I ended up soaked through (in my jammies!). There is no light out there, so I was using my cell phone as a flashlight. not overly effective.

Anyway, there was no umbrella. No idea what happened to the umbrella, but it is long gone. Called Jason, but none of the places he suggested panned out either. He suggested I just keep Jaymes home from school, since without an umbrella we could not get down the the bus stop.

And what do I say to that? Hell no. I -like- my Jaymes' free day. I've needed those desperately, and a little rain is damn sure not screwing that up. I love Jaymes, but he needs to be at school where he can learn and I can give Sierra the special attention she so craves.

I took a garbage bag, put Jaymes into it, cut arm holes, and put Jaymes in the stroller. Put a change of clothes and a note to the teacher ("Don't be surprised if Jaymes is a little damp!") in his backpack, and we headed out on our looong walk to the bus stop. Jaymes stayed good and dry, although halfway there I had to give up my snuggly sweatshirt to cover his little head.

Later, I did end up getting an umbrella, but as you'll find out, it didn't do me much good.

Went at 3:15 to get Jaymes, and it was again pouring like crazy. So into the stroller with Sierra, in her raincoat with a blankie over her, plus the umbrella shoved down over her. You could not even see her, it was cute. Sadly, it meant I got no umbrella at all.

You'll be please to hear that I did not melt.

And speaking of melting... Jaymes got home and immediately had a meltdown. It was ugly. He's got some new bruises and scrapes, and did not end up eating any dinner. It was so ugly, in fact, I decided to get it on camera for the appt with Dr. Klinepeter so he can see the "real" situation. no one ever believes me about how bad Jaymes can get, so I've resorted to recording bad moments.

It lasted about 15 mins, complete with plate throwing, screaming, choking, biting attempts, table shoving, head slamming, and body throwing.

Watch them, please. I would LOVE for someone to have to listen to it, and REALLY (really) see what it is like.

And the school thinks he's a perfect angel with NO FUCKING BEHAVIORAL PROBLEMS.

Yeah, I'm still very stressed out.


cursivenight said...

Oh my god.

That's insane. No wonder you're so frustrated.

I had a headache from just listening to the first one, though I watched all of them.

I don't have very much experience with autism, except for one pen pal and friend that had a little brother with it, but he was mute, and rarely talked. I saw him throw some tantrums but rarely.

I really hope this gets you more help.


Tara Nicole said...

GOD ALMIGHTY! Amberkins...for one that is awful!!! We barely have marbles as it is! I think its a great idea to record ALL times when he is INSANE like that...Show the doctors how it REALLY is at the worst! The best is all gravy and NOTHING to worry about show them the behaviors that need to be fixed and demand that something be done! He is putting his little body through ALOT of stress! Not to mention yours and Sierra's....

Again...What medications do they currently have Jaymes on??? Just curious....I'd like to research what else is out there, and pick some brains to get some suggestions....if possible! =)