Saturday, August 2, 2008

Overwhelmed... More so than usual

I guess I'm just exhausted from Thursday's Very Very Very Bad Day, or something... Do you ever get to where you just want to lay in bed and be pitiful? I'm tired, and I can't seem to get anything done. I need to clean, I need to tidy up the rat cages for the folks coming tomorrow to get babies from me, I need to figure out how to pay the bills before garbage stops being picked up and my cell phone gets turned off, I need to clean the yard, I want to get the fence up, I need to buy hay, I need to get the dogs their rabies vaccinations...

I didn't get anything done today. Not a thing. Ok, I lie. I cleaned the poop out of the pasture and rode Buddy. He was fun, we only did a five minute ride. It was very relaxing. But I didn't clean the house, nor did I do laundry, or give the kids baths. I did feed them, to my credit. No really, you guys know me well enough to know I could be bleeding to death and armless, and the kids would still be cared for.

Anyway. I'm going nuts. I hate not getting anything done. I can't remember anything, half the time I forget what I'm saying as I'm saying it. I just wish I could get a break. I know, I live in a perpetual state of vacation. I stay home, Jason doesn't say anything if he gets home and things aren't done, he just does them. I should be very happy about this. There is just SO much pressure. Let's see... things that are causing me stress:

  • Garbage bill is late
  • TV bill is late
  • Dogs need vaccinations
  • Buddy needs vaccinations
  • Need to get more hay
  • Jaymes is making me insane
  • Sierra wants to be outside all the time, but then she wants to be inside all the time
  • The house is a mess
  • The car needs a headlight fixed
  • The car's "Check Engine" light is on
  • The car needs an oil change
  • Jason's pitching an unholy fit over his TV getting a dead pixel
  • My mom's been paying my electric bill for the last 6 months, and I can't stand that
  • I couldn't pay the bill even if she weren't
  • We can't even open an account with Duke Electric without putting up a $250 deposit
  • My mom's got to pay the bill because if she left it to us, it wouldn't get paid in time and it would go against her credit
  • My eye is still feeling awful
  • Echo's hair is making me really miserable and stuffy and itchy at night
  • Jason is still having a fit about his dead pixel
  • The neighbors are bound to call the cops or animal control on me again, so everytime a car drives by outside or someone knocks, my heart starts pounding and I feel sick
Oh geeze, I could go on and on. Long story short... All I want to do is sleep. I'm not hungry, not motivated to do a damn thing, and I hate my husband.


fadetopurple said...

"Do you ever get to where you just want to lay in bed and be pitiful?"

Every day :D

I apologize in advance if you're just venting and aren't looking for suggestions (we all need to do that sometimes) but changing your oil is pretty easy to do yourself, and saves a TON of money. I think it costs me about $8 every time I do it.

Sorry about your troubles :/

rf said...

I have alot of the same problems, without having an autistic child to deal with on top of it. Most of our bills are paid because the hubby takes care of them, but I only get $700 a month from him. With this I am expected to feed 2 adults and 3 kids. Plus pay the tv, internet and my truck registration. So hang on in there and remember, you aren't alone.
The suggestion on changing your own oil is a good one, it does save alot of money over the course of a year.

BCC said...

More than any woman I can think of, you deserve a break. Your strength is superhuman, and I admire you from afar.

Amber DBTD said...

Aww, thank you.