Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Who was it that said that good things never last? So much for the wonderful, happy, snuggly, sweet Jaymes on the patch... So much for the doctor who told me "no child can get these off, they can't reach."

Bull! He can reach every inch of his back, including between the shoulder blades. The patch never had a chance. Patch #1 lasted 4 days. Patch #2 lasted another 3 days. Patch #3, 1 day. Patch #4, 2 days.

Doesn't matter how high I put it, how low I put it, how many layers of sticky adhesive bandage I cover it with. Doesn't matter if i leave it alone and just have the tiny little path there. He knows it's there, and he wants if OFF. He's crafty, doesn't pick it off while I'm in the room, and tries to hide the thing when he does get it off. Patch #1 was never found. #2 and #3 were found in the bathroom and #4 in the living room.

And of course, I only had a tiny bit of Clonidine in pill form, and cannot get the doctor to call me back. I bet Jaymes' teachers will have a lovely day today, and I feel terrible about it, but there's nothing I can do! I also son't think he's supposed to go off the meds cold turkey, but if no one will call me back, what am I supposed to do?

The home health nurse came out yesterday to do Jaymes 60 day check so he can continue to get his diapers delivered... she had a good idea: Take the clear stick adhesive patches from IV kits and cover the patch with those. Those things are impossible to get off, even when it's right there on your arm in plain sight. Seems like it would take days of effort for Jaymes to get that off his back. However, to try that, I need more patches.

Here's the question... Will insurance cover another months worth of patches, given that Jaymes just whizzed through a months worth in less than 2 weeks? I hope I hope I hope. i want the patch back on him ASAP, I want my sweet lil man to stay sweet. He was doing sooo good.

Couple days ago, he read a storybook with me! First time in forever, no screaming or squirming or wanting to get away. He sat on my lap and pointed out some of the farm animals as I read. It was only a 5 minute read, so not a long time and he really only knew a few, the rest he echoed after I said them.. But still. jaymes sat for a book to be read, and enjoyed it. Score for mommy!

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dressage_x said...


I just have this mental image of Jaymes scratching that thing off his back- how can kids be so flexible?!?

btw- will be clicking your ads, so any extra you get today is from me! :)