Monday, March 23, 2009

When at a loss for blogging material, look no further than your trusty StatCounter!

Often, I find myself unable to come up with good blog posts. It's incredibly frustrating. However, I've got a secret stash of post ideas, courtesy of my beloved StatCounter (AKA stalker tools). In addition to telling me various info about my readers, StatCounter has a little subsection called "Keyword analysis" that shows me what people have googled to get here. Some of them are bizarre, some sad, some funny. A lot of them are more logical. Here's a screen shot of today's keyword analysis:

Now, having drawn my best attempt at a line (using a laptop trackpad) through the pointless crap (AKA misspelled variations of Don't Bite The Dog), if you squint reallllllly hard you can see the things people have searched for to be dropped unceremoniously at my blog (poor souls).

The bizarre:

"Truly disturbing websites"

Well, I guess I'm a little weird sometimes, but truly disturbing? Inasnity is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose!

"Toddler pain farting"


The funny:

"America gots talent cookie keys youtube"

I like cookies, but keys and Youtube? This sounds like it could end up being another "Cake farts" (don't google it, trust me, you do not want to ever see it. I'm still traumatized.)

"Is it ok for a dog to bite?"

Dunno if the Googler wants my opinion, but I'd hazard to say that no one wants a biting dog. Ok, maybe Michael Vick, but for us "normal" folks (and I use the word normal very, very loosely when referring to myself) the non-biting dogs are preferable.

"build your own hyperbaric chamber"

I'm not much of a DIY-er, however I think this one is clear: Leave the high tech medical equipment manufacturing to the professionals. Can you even imagine the possible injuries of using a hyperbaric chamber you made by yourself? Eeep.

"Feel the need to bite"

I can relate to this one. We all feel the need to bite someone, occasionally. Whether that be the annoying neighbor child whacking your horse with a stick, or the lady at the jewelry store who, when you come in to have a ring cut off because your finger has swollen, says "You must have gained a lot of weight for it to be stuck so good" (thaaanks.) Luckily, most of us do manage to curb the intense desire to knock-er nibble, some common sense into people.

"Baby squirmy autism"

I don't know why, but this makes me smile. I guess because that would be a great description of Jaymes when he was little. I'm not sure what they were asking, but I like the wording.

Then there are the ones that make me sad...

"Special Olympics jokes"

A post about this is coming... Beware. It's something that I feel VERY strongly about.

"Are autistic toddlers happy?"

I sure hope they are. I know mine is, except when he's angry. Do you think this Googler's child smiles and laughs? I hope so, because I know every giggle and smile Jaymes gives me makes my day.

"Toddler losing speech"

Another one I can relate to. Jaymes seems to hardly speak anymore, except to ask for a select couple things, and even then he's garbling his words up so much I can't understand him. What used to be a clear "want yogurt" has become "wa yoaht".

"autistic "he looks fine to me""

I think at some point in the beginning of our quest for a proper diagnosis, every parent of an autistic child has heard this one...

"He looks fine to me"

"he's a late bloomer",

"boys will be boys".

Frustrating, isn't it.

Anyway, StatCounter keeps me amused. I like seeing where people have come to my blog from, and what they've googled. I wish my site didn't come up for people who are seeking Special Olympics jokes though.

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.shannon. said...

don't know why.. but i googled "cake farts".. that's about all i can say about that one