Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Musical Monday, a day too late.

I had decided awhile back to start doing a music related post to spare myself the task of writing new posts on Mondays, and to share some of my favorite stuff with the world. Ya'll love country music, right?


-crickets chirping-

Well I don't care, you'll be subjected to it every Monday from now on. Except not today, as it is Tuesday. So without further ado, musical Monday, one day late.

First one.. I reallly reallly like this song because it totally fits for my bastard ex-boyfriend, who incidentally is Jaymes' sperm donor. Yeah, the one who says he doesn't have a child. The guy who got upset and hid under the bed. We wonder where Jaymes got it?

Nuff said. Listen to Kellie Pickler, it's a good song.

And then our current family theme song, it's so our life. I think a more appropriate title would be "Shit Happens", but that wouldn't be possible, as we country music folks don't curse in our music! Anyway, enjoy some Sugarland.

Oh and I apologize in advance for the typos in the lyrics on this video, it's making me crazy to look at and I have the urge to strangle whoever made it. -twitch-

Now that I've said that, watch this post be full up of typos.


luvmycrazyboy said...

NO! I do not like country music. I will, however, forgive you. ONLY because I don't have speakers at home or at work to subject myself to such torture. AND YOUR DOING IT ON MONDAYS! Yuck.

Amber DBTD said...


You'll learn to love it.

Ok, maybe not.