Friday, March 6, 2009

Jaymes Vs. Big Pharma. This title dedicated to Age of Autism

5 Year old with Autism takes on big Pharma!

Ok, maybe not. But really,

Jaymes- 6
Clonidine Patch- 0

I love how Jaymes is on the patch, but unfortunately, I cannot keep the patch on Jaymes. He used up the first month's worth of patches in a week and a half, and I spoke to the psychiatrist's office and explained the situation. They called in another script, and the pharmacy did an admirable job overriding Medicaid's "Oh hell no, you already got your drugs for the month you drug seeking drug seeker". We decided to try the patch with an IV adhesive clear sticky patch over it.

It lasted one night and upon arriving home from school, was gone, gone gone. Put another on this afternoon, and tried another approach.

I took the patch in one hand, ready to stick on, and a random adhesive sticky in the other. At the same time, I stuck them both in different places, hoping he'd only realize he had the one big foam sticky on there and wouldn't notice the little teeny patch.

No luck. Immediately the foam sticky was torn off, with crazed giggling, and shoved brutally into the garbage can where he frantically buried it over and over so I could not retrieve it. Then, the moment my back was turned, off came the patch.

That boy. He's too smart for our own good. His patch free day was apparent, he was in that super-giggly-crazed-manic mode. Running around, blindly plowing into walls and doorways and mowing down his sister or the dogs. Laughing like mad at nothing I could really see. Occasional random bursts of crying and screaming, tossing himself on the floor.

You can tell when he's off the meds. I'm not pleased. I finally find the right med, the right delivery method.. And he won't flippin' wear it! How is that fair? YEARS of trial and error with the meds, there has got to be some way to make this work.

We need Jaymes on the patch. We love Jaymes on the patch. Jaymes is happier on the patch. Sierra doesn't get tormented. No crying fits. He sleeps. He cooperates.

This just royally sucks.

But he's still awesome, and I still love the snugglies out of him.

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