Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pain and pitiful moanings

Ouch, I hurt! I'm trying very hard to find a doctor with openings this week, who also doesn't cost a fortune, because my Batty-Wreck injury is hurting me very badly. Hurts to sit, to walk, to move. Can't sleep because of the pain in my legs and back, and my wrist is bugging me too (the one I landed on). Seems like almost 6 weeks later it should be improving, not getting worse. I'm feeling very bitchy because well, it hurts everytime i move and I have no pain meds. I'm afraid to even ask once I'm at the doctor, for fear of being labeled a prescription pain med abuser. I'm not addicted to the damn percocet (haven't had any to be addicted to in weeks anyway!), it makes me feel horribly woozy and throw up, but it also makes it so I can sleep without waking up in pain all night long. I need some more. The Ibuprofen kills my stomach, and doesn't really help at night, even when taken with food as my beloved nursie friend Tara told me to do.

And no, I'm not riding, and I'm doing as little carrying and hauling as possible, but I still have to walk to the bus stop every day, and Jaymes and Sierra still demand to be carried a lot.


Real post coming later tonight.

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success in the pen said...

Until you get some pain meds try alternating a bag of ice (wrapped in towel) and a heating pad. It's not a miracle pain reliever but should help to reduce some pain. I used this method when I shattered my upper and lower radius. I can't take pain meds because I puke every time. It didn't eradicate it but it did help.