Friday, March 6, 2009


Get it? Twitter idiot= twitty-ot. You're supposed to laugh at my wit.

Ok, fine. Anyway, I finally joined after seeing that every other blogger I follow is doing it. Yes, I'd probably jump off a bridge if they were doing that too. You would too.

Soooo... How do I make friends? I could only find one person, and only because she has a little linky thing on her blog. I know Kelley and a few others are on there, how do I find them? I don't know anyone's email addresses!

What do I do exactly? Is this just a perpetual Facebook status update type thing? How can I not fail at Twitterdom? Help!

Oh and you can add me, pleassseeeee and save me the effort of finding you all! My email on there is amber @ dontbitethedog . net

I'm "dontbitethedog" I think?

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