Thursday, March 12, 2009

Some new stuff

Nothing too thrilling to post today, other than that I did finally take the placement test for college, and also got my financial aid letter. they're giving me $1700 in Pell grants! Yay!

Anyway, I added a ton of new blogs to the right hand sidebar thingy under "of interest."

Check them out, there are some really great blogs there. Oh, and the Ninja one is the reason this blog will never go private.


Oh, and here's a really amusing article that really sums up my feelings about a lot of things, it even has a funny image for you visual learners! Woohoo! Click here.

And "whackaloon" may well be my new favorite word. Yessss.

And another thing: Add me on Twitter. I'm Dontbitethedog (original, huh?)

1 comment:

Odd Mom Out said...

Congrats on the grants!! Woohoo!! I'm going to teach Sam your new word to see where he'll squeeze it into conversations.