Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sometimes you just feel the need to eat a clown

Ok, it's not crushed up clown remains baked into a cake... It's a rainbow cake! Someone posting the idea on a board I read a lot, and I decided pretty randomly to make an attempt. We did not have the gel colors recommended, I used regular food coloring. Jason was enlisted to find said coloring, and came up with only red and blue. He refused to keep looking for awhile, and so I resigned myself to having to make a patriotic red/white/blue cake instead of a super awesome rainbowy one. Then (AFTER i mixed the colors evenly, of course) Jason finds the green and yellow. Sooo. I ended up with a lot more red than any other color. Made some purple with part of the red, and then added forest green, a puke green (meant it to be lime), bright blue, orange, yellow. Turned out pretty cool, though it makes me a little ill for whatever reason. I guess it's a psychological thing, looking at the freakish colors. Tastes just fine, like any normal white cake. I used a normal white cake mix, thinking white would hold the color better than the usual yellow cake- which it did well. I did the egg white version, omitting the egg yolks because Jason is on this low fat thing (always).

Once finished, I coated it in garish sprinkles and devoured a slice.

Jaymes cannot have this. This is enough red dye to blow up half a continent. Or something.

Cake prior to baking:

Cake baked and cooling:

Cake slice, moments before I devoured it:

And the remaining cake:

Note: The angle of the pics makes the cake look TEEEEENY. It's a normal sized round cake though. No, this is not healthy. Yes, it probably will give you rainbow poo.

I think eating this cake is what caused my freakish dream last night. Scarrry nightmare. I was at the zoo and I went into this exhibit called "Sahara Desert Stallion" (stallion= male horse, big and strong and sometimes bad tempered, for you non horsey folks) and was attacked by the Sahara Desert Stallion, who was rather obese but very very fierce. Everytime I smacked his nose, he's barrel at me and try to escape through the barn door. I finally shut him back in and ran away, but suddenly everyone around me was turning into freaky animal-people. Mostly cat people. When they scratched you, you turned into them, and they were scary and bloody and violent. I decided that rather than die a painful death by running I would pretend to be one of them and we went to Chuck E Cheese and then to some jewelry store. In the end we were at a party on a balcony with lots of bright colors (food coloring seeping through my brain cells perhaps?) and strobe lights. Scary as anything dream, my description does not do it justice. No more cake before bed.

Or maybe it was the combination of cake and Percocet. HMM.

Jaymes is doing good. He seems more leveled out and consistant on the Clonidine patch (started Friday in lieu of the 4 times daily tablet). School says he's a mess, bouncing off the walls, but I don't see that. Maybe now he'll be good for me at home and bad for them at school- how ironic that would be. Hopefully he can settle down, I'm sure he needs some time to get used to things. He is on the Risperdal 3 times a day now, .25ml. Small dose, but it is only there to help the Clonidine do it's thing and it works well.


Odd Mom Out said...

That is tooooooo cute. I love it! I have to have about a trillion cupcakes for Friday, maybe I can figure out how to do this for them. :-)

Odd Mom Out said...

Yea! I made my own and am posting pictures in a minute. Thanks for the great idea! My kids are trilled. :-) Of course though my hands are multi-colored from the dye.