Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sick baby...

Details on poor Sierra's misery are on her blog here. Today she will be seeing the doctor (yes, on a sunday) and then I'm taking Jaymes to the childrens museum where one of my mothers students (rec therapy students) is going to do something (not sure what yet?) with him. It will be very good for him, and I think he'll enjoy it. And who better for a student to practice on than a child who won't hold back if he gets mad? Better than trying to practice on "normal" kids, if you cna work with Jaymes, you can work with just about anyone his age.

Anyway, send healing thoughts for Si-Si, she's feeling like she did a few months ago when she was hospitalized with what I -thought- was a MMR reaction but maybe not...

Poor thing.

Oh and this morning when Jaymes came out of his room, we got to see the stunning work of art he had toiled over all night: a full scale mural of poop, in varying shades of brown. Lovely.

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