Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sometimes you have to laugh when you'd like to scream

Jaymes is driving me insane, and yet all I can really do is laugh and snuggle him even though the urge to duct tape him to the ceiling fan and watch him slowly spin in circles is there. Maybe I'm going insane? Meh, can't go where you already are I guess.

I mentioned Jaymes' blanket tossing thing... It's making me crazy. He plays on the trampoline and throws it off... Then sits there and SCREAMS bloody murder for it. Ok, I get the blanket. He does it again. And again. Then we go inside and he tosses it and his toy snake off the deck and bellows until I get it.

I get it, boy, this is a game of fetch. I'm nothing but a glorified hound for your amusement. Woof.

He tried something new today, too. I was checking my email, hear crying and look up to see that poor little Jaymes has somehow gotten his finger trapped in the dog crate. looks painful. I run to him, extract the finger, and soothe him. Two minutes later, same thing. So I watch, sneakily, from a distance and this is what I see:

Yes, he really is carefully closing up the dog crate, sticking in his finger, and face crying hysterically! Little stinker.

Tomorrow is our conference with the school (teacher, social worker, principal) regarding their completely asinine CPS report of jaymes imaginary 2 black eyes (Yes, even the CPS worker laughed at that one because only an idiot could see 2 black eyes where there was one very old, nearly healed black eye). I'm less than excited. Think I'll take one of my Percoset beforehand to keep it interesting.

I'm still VERY sore, and the meds make me sick to my stomach, but when they're working I can walk and function with minimal pain and no need for the horrible crutches... So yay.

I don't know what the plan is for Batty yet...

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