Monday, February 16, 2009


I have joined the ranks of several damaged mommy bloggers! Painkillers good, otherwise.. Well it sucks. I'm hoping Jaosn will have my painkillers by noon, otherwise I'll be pretty irritable.

Was riding Batty in the pasture yesterday, nothing major, just walk and a little trot working on bending and circles and he (true to his name) went batshit crazy. Bolted off to the corner of the pasture, where I -almost- got control before he decided he was still busy freaking out and pivoted and bolted again. Saw a very thick, very low tree limb coming at my head and thankfully I had the presence of mind to bend down to avoid it. That would have been really bad. Once under the tree, the booger continued galloping, with a buck tossed in here and there, and I finally ended up doing a somersault over him, stabbed my abdomnen viciously the the saddle horn (very tender spot!) and hit the ground.

To Batty's credit, he stayed next to his unconscious human for the 15 mins it took for me to finally stand up (after I'd woken up, mind you) and let himself be caught when he could have shot out the open gate to freedom.

Oddly enough, though I was very sore, I could walk. I untacked the horse, turned him out, fed him, and then took a shower. Got out of the shower and laid down and found I couldn't get back up. Finally managed to roll off the couch onto the floor and slithered my way to the bedroom where I spent a good 15 mins trying to get dressed. When you can't bend, it's HARD to put your pants on. Shoes and socks were a no-go, so I waited till Jason got home to do that for me and then he took me in to the hospital.

Spent 7 hours there on the most wonderful pain meds ever... Had 2 Xrays (which were hard because I couldn't move to let them get the Xray thinger under me) and a CT scan with this awful dye they injected in my arm that made me feel about a million degrees hot. Got lots of good sleep, thanks to the drugs but they wouldn't let me eat or drink in case I needed surgery so by the time they let me out I was puking and dizzy from not eating anything. Jason took me home, got my crutches, but Walmart's pharmacy was closed so no meds for me yet.

Obviously there will be no riding for awhile, and I'm not sure I'll ever have the confidence to get back on Batty. I love that horse... But I think I need (for once) a sedate, trained, calm old mount to just ride around on. I don't bounce like I used to, and to be honest, though I enjoy training green horses, I'm not enjoying it anymore.

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