Sunday, February 15, 2009

Plastic Houses make Jaymes speak in tongues

My mother got one of those cute cottage type playhouses awhile back at a yard sale for a really great price, for the kids to play in her backyard. Interestingly, at her house Jaymes was not that impressed with it, but since she decided to get rid of the kid stuff out in her yard and give it to me, Jaymes LOVES this thing.

We've actually made the back yard a lot more fun for the kids. Now in addition to the trampoline, we have a (very basic economy type) swingset, a freestanding slide, and the little house. I'm going to get a cheap kiddie pool and fill it with sand for a sand box, and then in summer we'll get another kiddy pool for swimming in.

Jaymes spends all his time in that playhouse, or asking to go out to play in it. And what he does in it is hilarious, and pretty cool considering he barely talks anymore, even for therapists.

Yep, he speaks in tongues! Ok, not really, but how cute is that?! I love the rapid fire gibberish, peppered with real words here and there, like "Night night" "go to bed" "no" "yogurt" "mommy".

More gibberish, and by the way, Sierra WANTS BABY. She makes herself clear at the end.

Another HILARIOUS thing Jaymes has taken to doing... Whenever he sees a candle lit, he HAS to blow it out while yelling "FIRE! FIRE!". When it's blown out, he says "Bye Fire". Maybe they had fire safety at school?

Cuteness finished, we've got some new, very irritating, very dangerous habits. Jaymes (as most of you know if you've watched any of my videos or seen any photos!) that Jaymes carries around his pink blanket named Pinky (Original, eh? For once he named it himself, wasn't me!) at all times. He's taken to tossing it places, then going hysterical. At my mom's office, after his poor asthmatic mommy managed to climb a huge flight of stairs, his highness tossed the blanket over the railing at the very top. It fluttered down to the bottom, where I had to huff and puff down then up to get it. At therapy, he tries to chuck it down the stairs. He tosses it off the trampoline, then screams for it.

I could deal with all that, but it's gotten dangerous. He tries to open his window to toss it out into traffic. He tossed it at a drivethru (Arby's I believe) and I contemplated not picking it up for him, but couldn't do it to him. The other day, driving to therapy on the highway on Wed. night, Jaymes sneakily opened his window and was about to toss the blanket out behind us. He could have killed someone, caused a godawful car wreck behind us. Luckily when I saw it, I screeched so loudly at him that he yanked it back and rolled up the window. I about had a heart attack. Our car has roll up windows, so there is no locking them. I thought about asking the dealership to seal that window so it can't be opened, but then it's a hazard if he needs to be gotten out in an accident. I don't know... I've just taken to watching him very closely, and if he tries anything again the blankie will not get in the car with him anymore and we'll just endure the crying. He goes without it all day at school, he goes without it at therapy. obviously I am the only person who he has it around all the time, and I need to get back a shred of authority.


Odd Mom Out said...

Loved the play house videos. Sorry to hear about the blanket issue though. He's definitly using it to his advantage when he wants. Our guys are very smart. LOL. Good luck!

" JUST US " said...

Watching the video was like seeing my William playing in that same playhouse. He's got the very same one. William went threw a issue with a blanket thing. I kept making him leave it in the car if we went any where. So now he doesn't want it and we are now obsessing over a jacket and making sure it is on at all times and stays zipped up at all times. Yeah they are smart. But we love them no matter what..