Saturday, December 27, 2008


I'm beginning to wonder if maybe the Clondine is having more bad effects than good... I've noticed a HUGE increase in autistic stimming behaviors since we started him on it. Head shaking, hand flapping, wheel spinning, rocking, weird eye movements. Usually, if we're out at say, Walmart, no one can tell he's different. But acting like this, people are giving us the oddest looks, even when he's behaving. I'm not happy about it, people tease him as it is, he doesn't need more.

He also stopped sleeping. During the night anyway. He takes several naps wherever he happens to pass out during the day, and keeping him up is difficult. We've cut back the meds from 4 times a day back to 3. Maybe back to 2. We'll see.

I'm exhausted and have a horrible headache. I NEED sleep. Very badly. Took a nap when the kids did today, which was good. Tomorrow too, because i know he won't be sleeping. Darn children. Oh well, on the plus side, makes it easier to get up for his bus!

In other news... Still can't figure out who called CPS, but it wasn't Dr. Carter. I have no idea. I only told a couple people what happened with Jaymes' window, and I know my mom and Jason's mom are better people than to risk the kids. Neither would ever do something this horrible.

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