Friday, December 19, 2008

One of those gooey end of the year summaries

My grandma (and so many more organized people than I) does a Christmas Letter each year... It's one of those "I did this, this and this and here are pics of it" type things. I, however, have never been the type for that sort of thing.... But, I'm at a stressful time of year for me, and in need of some positivity and some insight, so here I go! It'll start out as usual, but I promise, positivity will win out as always.

2008 was a crappy year in soooo many ways. We actually moved from Florida to North Carolina at the end of November 2007, but it's close so I'll count it from there. I often think that our choice to move to be closer to my mother was a stupid one. We were not in good money shape to be moving 2 states away, and we had gotten to a point of being entirely independent of my mother's help. It seems small, but that's a major thing. We get along best when neither has anything to hold over the other. So we moved... To a house she owns.

Anyway, got settled in and everything, which is great. Jaymes started up with his Speech and Physical Therapists just after Xmas (I think). I feel like we really won the lottery as far as therapists go. Shawna is incredible, she pushed through Jaymes initial period of non-progress (he does this to every new therapist, and they usually can't handle it.) and has really accomplished a huge amount with him. Jaymes has learned his colors, shapes, letters, and some numbers. I'm so impressed. He went from pretty much nonverbal to asking for things. "I want cheese." "Want to watch Elmo." Just awesome. That stuff is priceless. Well, ok, Medicaid might disagree there, but that's their issue. April, Jaymes' PT, is also awesome. Jaymes balance and play skills have really grown. He can kick a ball, throw one with -some- accuracy, his balance is SO much better...

We met Jaymes' OT much later, there was a heck of a waiting list for OT. She is also incredible, and has Jaymes eating pasta, hot dogs, apples, some veggies, pumpkin pie... Things I never could manage to get him to do myself. She has taught us about the brushing and joint compressions, which will calm Jaymes most of the time. Even at Walmart. People sure do look at us funny though!

Jaymes started his first NC school, Hall Woodward... Which was a disaster! His teacher and I did -not- get along, his bus was hideous unreliable, even after a month of waiting for one to be assigned, and the school itself was.. Well, bleh. Not a nice neighborhood, not what Jaymes needed. We switched to Cash, and I'm so pleased. Last years teacher, Mrs.Presnell, was great. This years is even better. Mrs. Williams is kind and loving toward Jaymes, but she still makes him do what he needs to do as well. He likes her, and he loves school. His bus drivers this year are also pretty good, other than the one incident where they lost him.

Yes, lost him! Apparently, his bus, 777 broke down. So bus 223 stopped to help and they moved the kids over to 223. When the replacement for 777 arrived, they moved the kids to it, and the driver of 223 left to the high school to wait for them to get out. She went to get out of the bus and lock up and suddenly she hears a tiny little voice. Yep, they forgot to put Jaymes on the new bus. Thankfully, he was fine and it was an adventure for him. I didn't raise hell about it, it was kind of funny and no harm done, but boy if it happens again! Count heads, folks.

Jaymes' health has improved very much. When we left Florida, he was having fevers regularly, almost daily. He was sick with sinus and ear infections more time than he was well. In January, he passed out on a dog walk and stopped breathing. We think it might have been some sort of seizure or something, but no one ever figured out what happened. Poor Jaymes.

He has not had a sinus infection in months. His ears remain a horrible nasty mess, but his tubes from March remain intact and doing their job. No more fevers!!!!! Dr. Helgemo back in FL would be so happy!

Jaymes' skin is the only thing that has worsened really. He developed severe eczema, over his whole body. It takes lotioning him with steroid cream 3 times a day, plus an oral antihistimine to keep him comfortable and minimally scaly. But that's a small price to pay, considering.

Last Xmas, we bought Jaymes a mini gelding, but due to his behavioral issues, sold him. Later we got Buddy, an old, emaciated Thoroughbred gelding who we all loved. Buddy's time came a month or so ago, though. Jaymes and I miss him horribly. I'm working with a batshit insane gelding named Batty now, who I just looove. He's so pretty, and he's a sweetie under all that batshit crazy.

Thanksgiving was a disaster, but we kind of expected it... The disrespect we were treated with floored us, and Jason and I agreed never again. From now on we do holidays at home, where my kids can be indoors and not shoved out at a picnic table in the cold. I feel for my mom.

Xmas will be just us- the 4 of us. I'm kind of glad, I don't want any negativity on Xmas and Jaymes' birthday. We'll just have our own quiet fun, and enjoy each other's company. Maybe I'll try riding Batty again. Who knows.

The worst thing that happened this year was having to put my beloved dog Chancie down. Hardest thing i have ever had to do, and the house still feels so different without her here.

The best thing to happen... Well, we paid off our bankruptcy! All done! No more $200 payments each month, no more asking permission to move/sign lease agreement/etc. Always a good thing. I'm proud of us for doing the CH13 and paying off, rather than the CH7 and just giving up.

Anyway... Not the syrupy sweet letter that most of you send out to people... But an honest and accurate one. Life's not easy, it isn't supposed to be. It would be meaningless without some sort of struggle.

In the end, the good and the bad have taught me that regardless of what others think of me and my family, we're not trash, nor lazy, nor worthless. We work our asses off in our own ways. Jason works himself to death at his job... I do more than most people can imagine here at home with the kids. The people who treat us like mud on their boots... Try raising a disabled kid, then get back to me.

So here's to hoping for a better year, more success for Jaymes, a little break for me. We're working on a lot of good things with Jaymes case manager... who by the way is the BEST case manager ever, and we love her and would be lost without her! Jaymes has a great group of people working with him and for him, and we cannot express our thanks enough (Dr. Albright, Dr. Klinepeter, Shawna, April, Rebecca, Julie the superawesome case worker, the nice lady at Easter Seals whose name i cannot remember... Even you, lady at ciCi's pizza whose name I also do not know but who helps jaymes get his pizza every time we go!)

Yay for good people, good food, and rotten children. Merry Christmas or whatever other religious holiday you observe.

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Princess Fiona (according to my husband) said...

Merry Christmas Jayme's mum. Your year does sound a bit full on but you know what, I reckon if everyone sat down and had a good think about it, they'd find a good dose of crap to go with the good stuff too. The important thing is you celebrate the good stuff, and you do. Here's to a great new year. Mwah!