Friday, December 26, 2008

Could have been bad... The "calm" version

Got my irritation out earlier, now I'll rewrite it minus the name-calling and annoyed tone.

At some point this week, someone filed an anonymous letter or email with CPS, and on Xmas Eve I had an agent out to check us out. It went well, the house was clean, kids clean, etc. She was confused as to the allegations of "parents locking children in their rooms all day and night" because neither child's bedroom door has a lock on it or on the doorknobs. Pretty much made the person who filed the report look very foolish. Agent told me I was doing a great job, and that she was confident in saying that I did not seem to be having a breakdown or mental illness issues as the bright soul who sent in the report had stated.

I do not know who filed it...

... Some random person we recently met. I do not think it was Jason's mom, she isn't capable of such nastiness. My mom isn't it either, because she would not stoop to such a level, nor would she risk the kids that way. She wouldn't let Sue do it either, because that would be the same risk to her.

It's tricky with my situation. If the kids were to be taken (which they would never be, obviously), Sierra would go to Jason's mother. Jason works with these people, and basically when they take a kid, the parents get to choose a place with a blood relative and if it's suitable, then their choice takes priority. Jason's mother is blood to Sierra. Jaymes, however, would end up in foster care. His only blood relatives are Mark's family, and they would not want him, nor would I let them have him. So he'd end up in foster care, and it would be beyond detrimental to him. Angry though she may be at me, my mother would never harm Jaymes that way.

It could have been a doctor's office, but usually they'll tell you that they did it or are going to do it... I'll be asking around a little.

I think it's really pretty humorous that this person reported us, not knowing that there aren't locks on the kids door. The look on the CPS person's face was priceless when she looked at the doors and was like "... But there are no locks? How do you lock them in all day and night?"

HMM. Doesn't some anonymous person look silly. She told me that I was doing a great job considering how much I have on my plate to deal with, and "hats off to you."

I wouldn't really care about this so much, but I think that it was not a doctor, but a person who knows us somewhat... And the fact that they would risk my kids safety and well-being in such a cowardly, pathetic way disgusts me. Anyone who knows us well knows we have tons of people in and out of the house on a constant basis, and that we have TONS of doctors/therapists/etc to back us up. If I were abusing my children, don't you think someone would have noticed, being in the house? Again, this person who made the report made themselves look like an idiot. That part is very satisfying, and knowing that if they report again, it won't be taken seriously. The part that is NOT amusing, however, is how scared Jaymes was to have a stranger in his house. He doesn't do new people very well, and normally they come to the house when he is at school. He cried for hours after the CPS person left, and would not sleep that night. He still has not slept all night. You can't do that crap to Jaymes. He should not have been put through that on Christmas Eve.

Really the only thing that came of any of it is that my landlord (mother) is now required to replace the windows that Jaymes could have been hurt on within 14 days or they will report her to the housing people. I feel bad for my mom, to be honest. She ended up with worse consequences for this false report than I did!

Anyway, what's done is done, it's over with and we're obviously still with our kids. The worst part is not knowing who it was, because I'd love to rip them a new one, laugh at their stupidity, and remind them that they'll never see either child again. of course, if it's a doctor they won't care about that, so it would be pointless anyway.

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Odd Mom Out said...

If it were the doctor's office, they would have attached their name to the complaint. I think if you have a special kid, CPS is part of the package. I've already had them twice for false reasons. At least they didn't stick around. The first time I had them, they stuck around for several weeks because they told me I couldn't have laundry in laundry baskets. That at no point could I have laundry in my home. Everything had to be washed at all times. I just hid the laundry in the closets and they closed the case. @@ Anyway, that really does suck. I normally don't comment but that makes me mad for you.