Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Big Five (pics before post because I'm THAT lazy)

Five seems like such a big age! He's gone from my sweet little baby to being a "kid" now, hasn't he? I guess I should read up on the detailed classifications by age, because obviously my blog title has some issues.

This presents a dilemma. I like my blog name, I have no desire to change it. I'm also very lazy and do not feel like re-making the banner to reflect whatever new name I give. I also don't feel like thinking up a new name. In short, I'm lazy and hate change. Would it be ridiculous to leave it as-is?

Anyway, Jaymes had a quiet birthday. No party or friends, and Jason was gone all day at work. We played outside, jumped on the trampoline, visited Batty, played with the dogs, rode the new bikes. Jaymes loves Sierra's Xmas bike that my mother got him, and though it pains me to watch him ride a purple and pink bike with frilly streamers and princess stickers, it's a more appropriate size than the really cool boyish one my MIL got him. I think he needs to use the girly one (shared with Si-Si of course, since it's hers!) until he gets better at it. He actually fell asleep at one point, on his old tricycle. It was really funny.

My mom came over later with an Elmo cake similar to Sierra's Elmo cake, except this one was red while hers had been pink. It was very well done, and they had his name written in icing and sprinkles. I took some pics, then let them have 5 unsupervised minutes with the cake and 2 forks. Seemed like a fun free-for-all for them. Elmo looks pretty rough now, and it took an hour to scrub the icing off the kids, my camera, and the counter. They enjoyed it very much. The rest of it will be hidden in the fridge. lucky kid, got 2 beautiful Elmo cakes. We'll be eating it for weeks. I'll gain 15 pounds. Oh well, at least it makes for good breakfast food! (For me, not the kids, LOL)

Jaymes loved all his gifts. My mom got him a wall projector thingy that you put Viewfinder things in and it projects them onto the wall. (wow, what an idiotic sounding description, but how else do you describe it?) He loves it. He stares at it, and rubs the wall trying to figure out how it works. He also got some cute clothes. We got him a couple Thomas sets, which I assembled and superglued together today so he can play and not be tempted to destroy it. He's got a LOT of Thomas stuff now. Lucky boy.

All in all, a good birthday. He's getting so big and smart.. It's unbelievable.


Kotasatria said...

Cool pictures...

Happy Birthday Jaymes...

Toddler Gifts

Kelley said...

Boo had that cake for his 5th Birthday.

And he has that awesome projector thingy!

Love the photos, don't change the blog name I think it is hilarious.

Liz said...

This has nothing to do with anything, but I notice we have the exact same kitchen chairs.


- badgermama

Amber DBTD said...

Kelley- Clearly I'm channeling your awesomeness, with the same cake and presents! Hooray!

Liz- LOL, that's so funny!