Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Notice- Important!

As most bloggers do, I have a site tracker that shows me who accesses the blog and my website. It tells me locations (right down to street names, how Big Brother is that for ya? Don't worry, I can't afford to stalk any of you!) and assorted other information. Due to some behavior that I feel is damaging to my blog, and more importantly to my website (which I hope to be a great resource when finished up!), I will be IP banning all users from the following areas:

-Greensboro, NC
-Raleigh, NC
-Durham, NC

Among others. It is my hope that the problems will stop once the site is inaccessible. If you live in one of these areas, or nearby, and end up blocked, please contact me either via the form on the page you were redirected to, or via the contact form on my website (no one will be banned from that) with a little info so I know who you are, and I will unblock you immediately. I will need your IP address to do this. I would hate to accidentally ban someone who really appreciates the blog!

I also totally reworked the site navigation and it looks just awesome.

1 comment:

Melly said...

Wow. Who in their right mind would jack up your site? Or try to? Geeze. People, learn some manners and grow a brain, please.