Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas is here... And sadly, almost gone already!

Jaymes loves Christmas. He has officially learned that there will be gifts, and that getting up a 5 is a great idea and that he also should rip open all gifts regardless of whose name might be on them. Should have seen the disgusted look on his face when he opened the clothes I picked out for him though. Typical boy, I guess. Sierra thought her new clothes were cool, but then she loves to try everything on. Jaymes got a lot of Thomas stuff, so he was in train-heaven. He spent a lot of his day building track. I moved the train table to his room, hopefully he won't wreck it, but if he does, I guess it's not the end of the world. He liked to lie on top of it while he builds. Jason was getting frustrated because he'd gotten it all built for Jaymes (we only have him the one playset, the rest are being saved for his birthday) and set it up, and Jaymes ripped it apart to build it himself.Of course he didn't do it right, which made Jason's OCD go crazy, but I told him to let Jaymes enjoy his gift and Jaymes happily built track. Might have to superglue stuff though, Jaymes keeps removing batteries from the one train.

Did not give him the bike from Marie (MIL) yet, because it was rainy and nasty out. I will probably show it to him tomorrow if the weather is nice. It's gorgeous- brand new, shiny, red rocket themed bike with training wheels. Very Jaymes. Hopefully his legs are long enough to use it if I put his special foot pedal adaptor thingies on it. Jason's mom also got him some really cute clothes, but for whatever reason got size 5.. He's a 2T, so it'll be awhile before he can wear any of that!

He ripped into his stocking, expecting candy, and was just as happy with his organic, dye-free, sugar-free, gluten-free cookies as he'd have been with candies. The cookies came in a reusable tin with a handle, sesame street themed. He loves it. He can take his snacks for therapy day in that. He also got a toy tool set, which he loves. He spent about an hour trying to screw a plastic screw into his bed frame. He also wanders around the house whacking the walls with his plastic hammer- a big improvement over trying to whack the walls with the REAL hammer.

He ate mashed potatoes and rolls, but had no desire to try the ham or anything else. I did the potatoes and my cranberry orange relish (YUM) and Jason did the ham. He did an awesome job, best ham ever. The sweet kind, with cinnamon/brown sugar glaze. It was reallllllly good. I love sweet ham. He prefers the salty ham, but he seems to like this one just fine. Sierra didn't like the ham I guess, she chewed pieces up and spat them out. Oh well, least she tried them.

Took the car in to the repair place yesterday. Shockingly, at 12K miles, it's alreayd having issues. That's my luck. The radio has some electrical thing wrong, so they ordered the part and will replace it sometime next week when Jason can get out there. We'll have them look at the driver side window and check engine light too. Gotta love having that bumper to bumper warranty- they don't even ask your name, just fix the car.

What did I get for Christmas you ask? Well! Jason did good. I got a new showerhead thats all massaging and awesome. Very relaxing, makes taking a shower very peaceful. It also doesn't squirt water everywhere like the one we had there before! He also got the obligatory shower junk- lotion, body wash, etc... Got a cute MP3 player, not Ipod quality, but just as good considering. It holds like 200 songs, and it plugs INTO our car and plays through the sound system. Even though the radio is broken in the car, I can do the volume using the MP3. How neat is that? Also got Eeyore pajama pants. I love pajama pants! and some nifty aloe infused fluffy socks, very very snuggly. Got some other stuff too, can't remember everything. Jason loved his coffee maker and Dunkin Donuts coffee and his superhero boxers, and new razor...ect. Got him a DVD he wanted too.

Echo and Midnight got a chewy toy that opens up with velcro. You shove old water bottles inside, the plastic kind, and it makes the coolest crinkly toy that drives them insane. They also got beef rib treats, spoiled things. The cat and rats didn't get anything. Took a bunch of apples to Batty.

All in all, I'd say the kids had a good Xmas. The adults... Not so much, but I love my gifts and Jason did good. He loves his stuff too. He has a hard time remembering it's not all about presents though. His mom gave him some godawful ugly shirts, I'm going to laugh at him when he wears them.

I've got a hell of a story for you all about Christmas eve and our visitor, but I'll save that for tomorrow. Christmas day doesn't need that negativity.

Oh, and soon I should have my replacement laptop from Dell. They finally relented when they got sick of spending hours each day on the phone with me trying to fix the piece of crap. I think someone spat into it on the assembly line or something. Takes 10-15 times to get it to turn on, most of the time it gets there then the screen goes black. Pain in the butt. They said I should have my new one within a week. i can't wait. Can't install anything on this piece of junk, it can't even handle Java, which means ot Limewire, which means no new music for my new MP3. Meh.

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