Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sick and Lazy!

Yes, I know I've been avoiding posting. My neck is killing me from sitting at the computer much, and I've had the flu or something, plus some nasty stomach bug that feels like being skewered with pointy sticks and set on fire...

Went to an early intervention seminar thing by Sally Rogers of the M.I.N.D institute in California.. was pretty good. More detail tomorrow or Tuesday when I feel better!

Jaymes has been doing really well. Eating his entire meals, including veggies and meat, playing nicely at home, not hurting himself, and being generally pleasant, Walmart trips aside. I'm veyr proud of him.

More on that later too.


1 comment:

Casdok said...

Eating veg!!! Am impressed! C still dosnt.

Hope you are feeling better soon.