Monday, January 26, 2009

Request to my fellow Autism Bloggers

As you all know, I'm working very hard on the website to get it ready for it's first sponsor in April. I'm adding more articles, videos, stories, and information every day, but I need your help! As of right now, the site doesn't come up in search results until around page 2 on Google. I need more site traffic to get it up in the search results, or people will only find it if they know the URL to type in.

If some of you bloggers would be willing to check out the site and do sort of a mini- review on your own blogs, I would be eternally grateful. This site is my way of helping others, my way to feel like I am making some sort of positive impact in the autism community. But all my work means very little if I can't get it out to the people who could really benefit from the information and resources.

I do not make any profit on this site, believe me, it costs a good deal to keep it running... But to me it's worth it. I'll eventually have sponsors to help with the cost of keeping it up, but even then any monies leftover after paying the server fees will go right back into making the site better and better.

Those of you who do not have blogs can help out too! Post up links to the site (not the blog!) around Myspace, Facebook, or whatever sites you use. Word of mouth (keyboard?) is just as helpful as anything else.

Thank you all for your support, and I promise I'll get back to blogging about interesting things rather than website crap!

Now, off I go to clean poop off the wall in Jaymes room, remove a cookie from Sierra's diaper, and yell at the dogs.


FieldingHurst said...

Hi, good luck. I have linked to you from The Autism Retort.

Amber DBTD said...

Thanks a lot, Fieldinghurst! I appreciate it very much.

Adelaide Dupont said...

Guess what!

Your "don't bite the dog" SITE is now number 3 in Google. (And I typed in those PRECISE terms in double quotes).

There's lots to like about it: the model IEP (which is a real one, of course), the design, the description of your family. I think the library will be a real asset when once you fill it up. Given that I have not seen an IEP since the site of Bradley Murphy (2000-01) with that much detail, I say it is of great merit.

Also you could reproduce important and representative blogs from this blog. It's not bad for about six months' work.

It's good that you use many sides, like Kim Stagalino (if the first child had autism), and James Crosby (Discovering I was Toxic).

I think your unique selling point will be the dogs and the horses, especially for those families who focus on Animal Assisted Therapy.

Also the videos will be great, if they take up a lot of bandwidth. You will need a sponsor fast! The user would have to choose one or two. My choice would be the interacting with the emu.

There's a gap with the professional articles. Will you fill it with the scientific blogs which are there -eg. The Age of Autism or Autism Street?

Welcome to the site world and best good wishes.

(PS I found it from the Retort).

Amber DBTD said...

Thanks Adelaide!

The plan is to get the article section filled up and also a few more categories up, I've just been very short on time to go searching for good ones. Gotta get on that though. It was suggested too that I add a section with articles for how to interact and deal with a child with autism, though I may have a hard time finding articles like that. Might have to enlist the help of my fellow bloggers to write some articles that would fit into that category!