Thursday, January 22, 2009

Major Website Construction

Yes, I have finally gotten seriously cracking on the Don't Bite The Dog site. For those of you who do not know, the site is basically a mega-resource for all things autism. Features that are there, or are being created include an autism video library that you can browse by category or just randomly, a state by state directory of agencies- everything from autism societies to hippotherapy to autism friendly pediatricians. Also the DBTD Library of articles on every aspect of autism, therapies, treatment, etc. Basically, a little bit of everything.

The site is, unlike this blog, as unbiased as possible. I will be including both pro and anti vaccination information, traditional and biomedical therapy options, all with as little bias as possible. My hope is that parents will research and come to a decision about vaccination or treatment in a fully educated way, rather than pointing people to the things I would like them to choose.

I could REALLY use some help from you readers, though. Things I need, desperately:

  • Articles written by you that deal with anything autism related, therapy related, anything you think would be a good resource for parents looking for information. I can spell check/edit for you, and articles must be a decent length, though a novel is hardly required! I cannot compensate people for their work at this time, however you would be credited and your work up on the web for others to marvel over! You can email articles to
  • Resources for your state. Agencies, therapists that are especially talented with autistic children, autism friendly pediatricians, DAN! docs. Anything goes, all I ask is that the resource have a website to post up. You can email that information to the same email above, and please do check the list for your state first so you don't send links to things that are already up!
  • Photos or video of YOUR autistic child. I cannot accept videos or photos without parental consent. these will be used around the site, and videos in the Video Library. Videos most in demand are stimming videos and therapy sessions on tape. Much thanks to Caandahl of Youtube, and Squid of The Adventures of Leelo and his Potty Mouthed Mom for the videos they allowed me to use!
  • Suggestions for additions to the site, errors you might have noticed, or anything that you think will help me make the site a sucess.
Note: I am not making ANY profit off this site, I'm actually spending $50 a month to keep the site running. I will be looking for sponsors to help with the cost of the site, and any monies received from this will go right back into the site, adding new features and sprucing things up.

Thank you for your support, and forgive my lack of blogging while I go crazy working on the site.

Oh, and if you guys wouldn't mind, would you access this blog through the link on the website? I'm trying to jack up my site traffic a bit, and this would help me immensely.

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