Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thar be cows!

Sierra has a unique phobia (click on that link at your own risk, it's so stupid you may actually lose brain cells). We'll call it Mooaphobia. Or Bovineaphobia? She has a fear of cows. Big cows, little cows, pretend Chick-Fil-A cows. We can blame the Chick-Fil-A cow at Hanes Mall for this one.

It all started with a trip to the mall. It was a busy Sunday and the Chick-Fil-A in the food court had an employee in costume, as the much loved CFA Cow. Beloved mascot, cuddly pal. Jaymes thought he was awesome. He hugged the cow, high fived the cow, and poked the cow in the eye. Sierra came unglued.

Ever since, her fear of cows has been ridiculously ridiculous. At the fair, we went into the cow barn (that look nothing like the CFA cow, mind you), and poor Si-Si just about had a panic attack. She cried, shook, and begged me to "get me outta here! I'm 'fraid!"

So we avoid cows. We don't eat at Chick-Fil-A. But sometimes, the cow comes to us, as was the case last weekend. We went to the mall to walk around and share a pretzel, sat down in the food court, and who do you think was wandering around the tables? Yeah, the damned cow. Sierra went ridgid in her daddy's arms, started shaking, and her eyes got flying saucer huge. Poor Sierra. She couldn't eat or relax. We ended up having to leave.

And ever since that day, Sierra thinks there are cows hiding in the dark places in the house. Cows under the bed. Cows in her room. Cows in the closet. And only mommy or daddy taking a pillow to beat the cows out of the room will convince her to come into one of those "cow zones."

My kid is weird. Jaymes still loves the cow. Go figure.

In other news, Jaymes is doing great with his hearing aids. He keeps them in, has not broken them any more, and is talking up a storm. His words are clearer and he talks and talks in babble talk all the time. It's really cool.

In crappy news, hubby got laid off, so we're not very excited about the holidays. It was bad timing. Oh, and my birthday is Monday, so I'll be another year older, but sadly no wiser! I have a math test on my birthday, hooray. At least the teacher is cool. He's great conversation.

In even more news, we had another IEP meeting (the 4 hour variety, of course). Some good stuff happened, some incredibly insulting BS happened, but in general it could have been worse. Jaymes is doing well in class, so that's something.

My skinny old horse is skinny no longer! She's finally officially "rehabbed" and plump and happy. She's recovering from a tendon injury though, so no riding until maybe next summer. We'll see.

Sorry for the unexciting post, my next one will be better. Really. I swear. Yeah.


Jasmine said...

There is a phobia for everything, though a cow one has never come to mind. I clicked on that link...

"Several drugs are often prescribed for phobia of cows but none of them is without any side effects or withdrawal symptoms."

Cow phobia pills? And we wonder why drug dealers, I mean the pharmaceutical companies, have so much money. :P

Sorry to hear about your husband.
I hope you have a great birthday on Monday. :)

leah said...

Our Nolan has strange fears, too. His current fear is of airplanes- go figure! Even the ride-on airplane at the local playground makes him freak out.

IEP meetings suck- I don't look forward to our first meeting in the spring for Nolan. Matt's went well when he transitioned, but it was easier because he was a "simple" speech case. Nolan is going to require an expensive FM system, and we have to list his other medical conditions (posterior urethral valves = very late toilet training and severe GERD). I just hope he keeps his speech therapy and that we can convince them to go for the FM system.