Tuesday, January 24, 2012


So, over the last month or so, Jaymes has developed kind of a weird obsession with traffic lights. He loves toy traffic lights, and nothing pleases him as much as watching the toys go from green to yellow to red. Unfortunately, his love of toy lights does not extend to the real thing.

For example, our day today. I had him this afternoon and evening, as I do every Tuesday. Got him from school and we started driving home. With my usual luck, I hit every single red light the entire way home. Each time we stopped, I'd start hearing little mumbles and moans of displeasure. These gradually escalated to more obvious moans, and finally to ear shattering wailing that should have broken the windshield with its intensity.

"It's reeeeeed."

"It's reeeeed."

"Red! It's RED!"

"It's RED mommy! I need you to go! I need you to go!"

"RED! GO! GO!"

"We do not go on red. We stop on red."

(So obviously he understands that red means stop and green means go. Yellow means go faster. But I digress.)

"Mommy, GO!"

(light changes to green)

"Don't go, mommy! Go mommy! Go left!"

Don't even get me started on how the poor child handles it when the light stays red but the little turn arrow turns green.

He cracks me up with this stuff. It is very obviously super important to him, and he is very serious about it... But I really can't help but laugh a little inside. He's just such a goofy kid.

Jaymes is doing well. He's got ringworm (yuck), but the rings on his neck are gone. He's got a big bald spot on his head, right at the very top, where there was a ring. He's on 6 weeks of medication to kill off the delightful little fungi growing on his skin. Hopefully it kills things off before he gets any balder. Poor boy!

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