Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why you don't drive when your wife asks you not to

We live in NC, and every time we get a tiny bit of snow everyone panics. And by snow, I mean less than an inch. School was canceled, and the weatherman made it clear that while we were not going to get much snow at all, it would be freezing rain all day. Every inch of the great outdoors is covered with a thick layer of ice. Rocket's pasture is so slippery I can't even walk through it without falling. Rocket has to stay in the stall, because he would break a leg if I let him out.

Anyway, I asked my husband not to drive to work this morning. He didn't NEED to go, he wanted to get some paperwork done. But he went, early. Apparently driving the usual speed on I40 (right before it closed and cops kept people from driving on it), he did not believe that there was ice. Until the cars ahead hit their brakes. He tried to hit his, but thanks to the ice, he rammed into the back of another vehicle. Big pickup truck. Thankfully neither of them were hurt, and the truck didn't get a scratch. MY precious blue, shiny, new Kia (my first NEW car) is not ok. The whole front end is smashed in. The hood will have to be cut apart to even look under it, and the passenger door no longer opens at all. Lots of bad noises and burning smells coming from it. On the plus side, we only have to pay our $500 deductible, I think it will be well over $500 and State Farm covers that... but my poor little car!!!

Moral of the story: When the weatherman, the school district, the radio, and your wife say it's going to be VERY icy and you should not drive early in the morning unless absolutely necessary, you don't drive and wreck your wife's beloved car!

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