Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A flurry of tentacles

I don’t know that I have ever actually discussed Jaymes’ jellyfish obsession on the blog. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it when he’s lost one, or something like that, but it’s about time I shared his love of the Jellyfish.
It all started about a year ago. Jaymes’ loved toy of choice had been his pink blanket, Pinky. Poor Pinky now sits, soiled and alone, in the corner of his room. I had a Goochy the Jellyfish Beanie Baby I got at a yard sale. I thought it was cool looking, mostly because I like things with tentacles, and the jellyfish are also all made from this cool tye dye soft material. They’re all unique because of the nature of the tye dye, and I just love them. My jellyfish used to sit up at Jaymes’ eye level on a knickknack shelf. He never had so much as looked at it, but one day he snatched it off the shelf and told me (very seriously) “this is Jaymes’ jellyfish. He name Jelly.” Ok then…
So Jelly took over the role of beloved blanket, Pinky. Unfortunately, Beanie Babies are not built tough enough for kids like Jaymes. The first issue I noticed was that the light colored tye dye very quickly turns a dingy grey color. Not a huge deal, Jaymes isn’t bothered by that. The trouble is that after a few months, the tentacles lose their ability to tolerate the constant yanking, twisting, and pulling that Jaymes puts that poor jellyfish through. So, I started to scour Ebay for more Jellies. I keep at least one, usually a couple, on hand and hidden around the house.
Every time Jaymes is offered a new Jelly, his little face lights up and he runs toward it with glee, often ramming into whatever might be in his way. His eagerness to get ahold of that shiny new Jelly makes him completely oblivious to anything that he plows into. For the next day or so, he’ll run up to anyone who so much as breathes his direction. He will hold the new Jelly up about an inch from their face and loudly announce “this is Jaymeses jellyfish!”
Recently he’s started being a little TOO rough with his Jellies. Yanking off tentacles on purpose, just to scream and cry “Jellyfish hurted the tentacle, Jelly need to see doctor. Take to the hospital” I’m not sure why he does it, probably for the same reason he begs for a candy cane, then drops it and shrieks when it shatters into a thousand sticky pieces. Who knows. I started keeping an old, filthy Jelly aside and when he rips one, he gets a nasty old one instead of a shiny new one. Seems to have worked for the most part. My car, however, looks like the site of a brutal jellyfish torture and execution. Tentacles everywhere. Seriously! The other day I went digging for something in my back seat and found 8, yes, 8 tentacles. It was as gruesome as a Jellyfish massacre can be! I’m not sure why I have not thrown away all those tentacles. Actually, yes I am. I have a truly sick sense of humor. Every time I get into my car and brush a Jelly tentacle off the seat or the dashboard, I crack up laughing. It’s kind of like that hilarious class picture I have from Jaymes autistic pre-K class back in Florida. A picture no one else wanted because all the kids were flailing, screaming, or doing both. Jaymes was sideways, screaming as a teacher’s aide clung to him to keep him in the chair. The other teachers aide was holding a classmate in his chair, and the teacher looked ready to either jump off a cliff or go totally insane. I love that photo, it makes me laugh like a lunatic every time I see it. So I suppose the Jellyfish thing is just another one of the things I love about Jaymes. Nobody makes me laugh like he does.
Last week Jaymes had an appointment with the neurologist, and of course Jelly tagged along. Jaymes ignored the student doc who was in there first asking questions and looking Jaymes over. But when the big important Neurologist walked into the exam room, Jaymes darted over to her, sidled up close, and thrust Jelly into her face. He looked very solemn, and told the doctor (in a very purposeful voice) “Jelly broken the tennacle. Jelly need brain doctor to fix tennacle. You fix Jelly.”
I have to give the doctor serious applause, because in my experience, Neurologists don’t tend to have a great bedside manner. She looked the Jelly over, used her stethoscope on him, and then sadly shook her head and told Jaymes that Jelly had to have his tentacle amputated, but that he would be fine. I’m a little shocked Jaymes actually believed her, but who am I to judge? It satisfied him.
I’ve got to put in a plug for the wonderful Jellyfish vendor I get all of Jaymes’ replacement Jellies from. His user name on Ebay is Henry’s Hobbies, and he sells a ton of Beanies of all types. He has been SO wonderful to work with and is really friendly. You don’t get that often anymore in Ebay sellers, what with most being huge stores that can afford to brush off customers. As long as they have Jellies for sale, I’ll never buy another from anyone else. They ship super fast, they leave feedback, and they are a pleasure to deal with. If you want to buy some beanies or other collectible stuff, click here for his list of items for sale. I cannot recommend him highly enough!
So, in a (very long, very rambling) nutshell, that’s the history of the Jelly.

Ps. Here’s to hoping the person I’ve been talking to on Ebay is actually “Henry” of Henry’s Hobbies. Otherwise I might be calling a she, a he or vice versa. LOL

Enjoy the video!

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