Thursday, November 18, 2010

Time for the happy dance!

Jaymes is doing really, really well in general. I love it. Yesterday we spent our afternoon making Jello Jigglers until it was time to get Sierra from pre-school. Jaymes poured the water into the bowl, pushed the microwave buttons, and when the water was hot enough, he opened all the Jello packets and poured them in himself. Then he stirred. He did most of it by himself. I poured it into the dish to go in the fridge and solidify, and Jaymes held the fridge door open for me. He did a great job, and the Jigglers are really tasty.

Jaymes has been talking, more and more each day. Not just talking, but using long strings of words. Last night he really impressed me at dinner. He'd scarfed down his entire dinner, and upon seeing there was no more food, turned around and asked me "may have some chips please?"

I was floored. He is so smart. I did not think he could ask so politely for something- especially without being prompted.

Jaymes is in the Christmas spirit, for sure. Yesterday he took his rainbow lights out to his little play house in the back yard, grabbed an extension cord, and strung the lights along his roof like any home owner would. He did a good job.

He is loving his personal assistant worker, when the guy pulls up Jaymes goes flying out of the house with a loud cry of "MR. JAYYYYY! HIIIII!" good to know they get along so well!

Anyway, I'm pressed for time today, but wanted to share how positive I'm feeling about Jaymes lately.


leah said...

Good news! I have my *fingers crossed* that everything stays "good" for a long time. Did the neurologist ever figure out what was causing the pupil-dilation issue?

Melanie said...

Congrats on the progress :)

4timesblessed said...

Yeah... I love it when we can do the happy dance. That was wonderful