Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The obligatory Thanksgiving post

Every year I like to force myself to look past all the stupid little stresses in my life and think about the things that I am grateful for. Sometimes that's hard to do, especially when being licked by an almost seven year old, while running back and forth from the bathroom puking as a result of last night's birthday chicken wings. But, I will now overlook the extreme nausea and licking to stop being an ungrateful cretin.

I am so grateful for Jaymes and Sierra. Jaymes has taught me so much, sparked so much interesting conversation, driven me to grow a spine (slowly, vertebra by vertebra), found me some awesome friends, and kept me on my toes. In the nearly seven years he's been around, Jaymes has totally changed who I am and how I function in life. For years, I struggled horribly with being shy and spineless. There was a point in time when I could not go into stores alone, I could not talk on the phone, I could not cross a street by myself if cars were stopped and I thought they were looking at me. While I still battle my chicken-like quirks, I have learned to suck up and do things because I have to. I've learned to fight like a monkey on steroids (chasing an alligator with a mouthful of bananas) for what Jaymes needs.

Sierra has been my little buddy, my little helper, and the source of some much needed "normalcy." It is so cool to have a real conversation with a four year old. When Jaymes was four, he didn't even babble. She amazes me every day with the things she learns. She picks up things in minutes that we've struggled to teach Jaymes over years. She helps me around the house, and she tolerates my unique personality. She is willing to play zombies with me, staggering around croaking out "braiiiiiiinnsssss!"

I am grateful for my friends, most of whom I met through my awesome riding buddy, Dianne. Thanks to Dianne, I have the most amazing bunch of horsie friends and I've gotten to take part in lots of hunter paces at Yadkin Valley Hounds. I have had a LOT of fun in the last year or two, finally getting to really ride and really get away from the boring roadways I'm stuck with since I do not have a trailer to go places.

All my friends are awesome. They're all here for me. I can call and rant, or whine, or made bizarre jokes and I know I won't be judged. I can dress my pony up in a Santa hat, Xmas lights, jinglebells, and a red bow in his tail and whike I will certainly be laughed at, everybody accepts it because they know it makes me happy.

I am grateful for my precious pony, Rocket, who has given me back my confidence and gives me regular "therapy" in the form of hugs, cookie theft, trail rides, and blue ribbons. I love that he is rock solid, that he will not do stupid stuff on the trail or on the roads. He watches out for me, and he is so careful. I can trust him, even if something scares me (like steep, muddy downhill treks), because I know he is keeping me safe.

I'm grateful for my family, even though some of them have some crazy drama going on in their lives, like my poor sister.

I am grateful for the opportunities that I've gotten through this blog, all the people I've "met" and all the great books and products I have gotten to check out and review.

And last, but definitely not least, I am grateful to all of you readers. It's really cool to know that at least a few people actually care what I have to say, and all your comments and emails really brighten up each day!

I hope you all have a fantastic, delicious, non-vomiting Thanksgiving. Ok, mostly the non-vomiting part was for me, but the rest of it still stands!

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leah said...

Non-vomiting Thanksgivings are a good thing! I hope you recover from your food poisoning soon.

Playing zombies is awesome.

Have (puke free) Happy Thanksgiving!!