Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer is over!

Seems like summer flew right by. I suppose the ridiculous amount of insanity that occurred this summer could explain it though. I must have been too busy dealing with one crisis after the next to realize how fast the weeks were going by.

This summer was a crazy mix of hospitals, swimming pools, doctor's appointments, nosebleeds, obsessive record keeping, sidewalk chalk coloring, pony doctoring, therapy changes, medication management, and everything in between. It was just too darn hot most of that time, and the few times things cooled down tended to be the time whomping bad storms that knock down pecan trees into the pasture, enticing obese ponies like mine to munch on the all-he-could-eat tree buffet. The vet, farrier, and I got to know one another pretty well. As did the staff of the pediatric behavioral health unit over at Baptist.

Went to Jaymes school open house and met his new teacher. The good thing is that the teacher already sort of knows Jaymes, and the assistant who took Jaymes out to his regular ed kindergarten classroom is in the same room. When I mentioned the regular ed time that is still written into the IEP, she seemeda little confused, telling me "oh, well we have circle time and centers time here too, so that's kind of unnecessary." Yeah, I assumed you did do those things. Mrs. Colditz had those things too. He's not repeating kindergarten to sit in an AU classroom all year. The point of going out to circle time, centers, and music isn't so he can experience those things. He goes out because he needs to do them in the regular education setting. Something that I guess I need to clarify with the new teacher. She made a comment about being able to take that out of the IEP. I didn't say anything there, I was too surprised to. But really... Over my dead body that section of his IEP gets taken out. I mean.. seriously? Anyway, I asked her to talk to Mrs. Colditz, who knows Jaymes and who was a fantastic teacher. Mrs. Colditz knows me, and knows why and how I operate, and I think that the new teacher would really benefit from having a sit down with her. I would like to avoid the long drawn out, argumentative IEP's of last year, and I know the school does too. If anything, I've grown more of a spine, learned more, and become a whole lot more assertive than in the past. I can and will do whatever it takes to get the best possible educational plan to benefit Jaymes. He will not be in special classes forever. Even his teachers at Lowrance during summer school told me that no way would he eer need to go there- he's smart, happy, and teachable.

Sierra has started pre-school. We really miss her, and she's had some trouble settling in. She cries when I drop her off, and at nap time... So it's really hard on both of us. Other than that, though, she does seem to like it.

The pony is doing well. He is no longer lame, has lost a ton of weight, and is in his grazing muzzle for most of the day and night (other than meals) to avoid any possible accidents like the tree incident. I have put too much money, effort, and love into this pony to risk any more laminitis. He's off grain until I see that he needs some to maintain his weight (so winter, if ever), and his hay is carefully measured out three times a day. He thinks it stinks, but he's well on his way to being a lot healthier and happier. And most of all, sound. No more lameness! No more vet bills, no more bute, no more no more!

I am working on a review of an incredible book I was sent an advance copy of, about a little boy with autism and his wonderful golden retriever... I've taken awhile on this mostly because the book made me cry at the end, and I wanted to wait on reviewing it until I wasn't all choked up! That and I'm a bit lazy lately.

School started for me today, once I figure out what my passwords are to access my online classes. It appears I made a horrible mistake in choosing classes that appeared to be either interesting, or easy "fluff" classes. Apparently Art Appreciation has a real reputation for being horrible, and History of the Holocaust is VERY reading/writing intensive. Sociology will be easy, contentwise, but again, lots of work. Also taking British Lit, but that one shouldn't be too bad ( :

Anyway, review of Cowboy and Wills coming soon, along with more regular posting on the blog.

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