Saturday, August 7, 2010

I guess all those prayers worked!

I had a giant list of people offering up prayers for Jaymes, and why I have been known to be a bit skeptical where that stuff is concerned, I've got to say things have improved a lot. Jaymes came home last Monday evening. He's a little bit spacey and not quite there, but I think once he acclimates to his medications that will improve. He is so much happier, and more pleasant. Less hyperactive, and can actually focus on tasks. We've had a few little blow ups, but they've been minor, and have not lasted more than a few minutes. No more injuries, throwing stuff..etc. He's been very friendly and cuddly. He asks to go to bed, rather than having to be taken screaming in anger. I have not had any issues in the car, the new car seat seems to keep him in. He has not tried to undo the harness yet.

All in all, he's really doing very well. He is on a lot more medication, which bothers me, but he is so much more content and able to be a kid rather than having to do all his little obsessive stuff. He is able to listen, and to take a time out and actually get something out of it.

We painted the one wall of his room with chalk board paint- this was a VERY good thing. Rather than shredding pillows or punching the walls, Jaymes draws these incredibly cool looking "heiroglyphics" all over the wall. They're a combination of his name, random letters, shapes, and drawings. He does the entire room is this, as far up as he can reach- it's actually pretty impressive when you first walk in. Best of all, it easily wipes off the walls with a dry towel, so he can do it all over the next day.

The lactose free diet seems to be very helpful too. Jaymes has gained 2 pounds in the last week! Rather than 5-7 horrific smelly diapers, he's having one a day. ONE. Really! I am loving that. He looks and feels a whole lot better I think.

In other news, Sierra is potty trained- yay! She's done very well. My mother started her off on it, and we got her trained over the last few days. She will be starting pre-school soon.

Of course not everything is perfect... Went out to ride my pony, Rocket, on Sunday and he was dead lame. He had heat in all four feet and pounding pulses in all four. For the non horse people, this is laminitis- it's when a horse has somehow managed to accumulate too much sugar (through new green grass, too much grain, etc). The tissue in the hooves actually breaks down, and can lead to founder, which is when the bone in the hoof (coffin bone) actually rotates due to the tissues breaking down and in worst cases, can punch through the bottom of the hoof. Laminitis is the start of the bad stuff, so catching it early is important. Rocket has been on and off lame all week, which is concerning. I had the vet out Monday, and he gave me pain meds. But, he's still not quite right. He has not had any more heat, but he is still very lame. The next step needs to be xrays, which thrills me of course. Then we can decide where to go from there. He's on a serious diet, only a little bit of hay twice a day. No more treats, no more grain. No grass at all. So we'll be workign with vet and farrier to figure out how to keep him comfy and avoid serious damage.


kristi said...

So glad things are better!

leah said...

Oh, poor pony! I hope Rocket's hooves heal soon.

Good news about Jaymes- the chalkboard paint idea was brilliant. I'm sending prayers and positive vibes in your direction, that things will stabilize and you won't have any more incidents like the ones in the past few months!

Melanie said...

I'm so glad to see that he's home and doing better. Taking my son off dairy improved his diapers immensely and reduced his hyperactivity a lot, too. Hope your pony feels better soon, too!

Anonymous said...

I always amazed at the important results from a diet change. I believe in prayer, too.

Glad to read in the more recent post that your pony is healthy again.