Tuesday, July 27, 2010

When something starts getting better, something else happens and it all goes to hell again!

Jaymes has been at the hospital for 3 days thus far, and as far as structure and mental health go, he's being looked after very well. Unfortunately, medically, he is not. Not at all.

The day Jaymes was admitted, he did not have a diaper rash. None whatsoever. I'd changed wet diapers probably 8-9 times during the 9 hours we were at the ER. Lots of wet diapers, but no rash because it was being kept at bay by frequent changing and wet wipes.

The next day, upon visiting Jaymes at the morning visiting hours (12:30), Jaymes had an overflowingly wet diaper. So, I changed him. Then he pooped, and I changed him again. I noticed his rear end was starting to look a little pink, and mentioned it to the staff. Next visiting hours, same day but in the evening, I got there and Jaymes had a dirty diaper once again. Changed him, all was good.

The nurses have this belief that he is potty trained, despite my telling them that he is not. They want to try and get him to go in the potty, but really, this is not the appropriate time for potty training. The child is there for psychological help- not potty training. And while I realize that he is the only child (and that they rarely get kids who are not trained) on the unit wearing diapers, that was not a secret. I disclosed that bit of info to everybody we came into contact with, from the ER to the 10th floor. Even if he was potty trained, the toilet in his room is adult sized! They don't have a little potty seat like we have at home, to make it small enough for him, and they won't allow me to bring one in. When they put him on that toilet, he has to sit sideways and hang onto the seat with both hands or he will fall in. Literally. Not appropriate.

Anyway, the next day once again I'm greeted by diaper that is full of urine. Every time I've visited, twice a day in three days, he has had an overflowing diaper. Worse yet, they decided he should wear Pull Ups instead of diapers. which would be fine if they had been changed enough to prevent a rash. But Pull Ups do not absorb like diapers do, they're supposed to be made like that so that kids who are in training will realize it is uncomfortable to wear a wet Pull Up.

Night before last, I told the nurses he needed diaper cream, he was getting a bit red and sore now. They said no he didn't, not to worry about it. I told them yes, he did and you need to order it. The night nurse said just bring it with me in the morning. So I did.

Morning nurse takes it, then says no they will not use it. Instead, we'll use Aquaphor. Which is a great lotion, but it is not a great diaper rash cream for Jaymes. I got upset, and argued with the nurse for awhile, but could not make any headway. Got home, and called their equivalent of a patient advocate. Got a call immediately from a doc, who told me that the orders for cream would go in immediately. Good.

Went to visit yesterday evening, and the cream was there and had been applied once. Great. Only problem was, they waited too goddamn long. If they had listened and allowed me to put diaper cream on him the day before, it would have been ok. Not anymore.

His rear end is dark, dark red and bleeding. It's a huge area over his entire diaper area. It looks like several layers of skin have been burned off. He screams hysterically if you go near it to clean it or apply more cream. He has to be rinsed off in the tub if he has a bowel movement, and even that is agonizing for him. And when he goes pee while playing, it's very obvious, because he starts crying and screams "need to go to hospital! Jaymes butt! Jaymes butt."

In what world is this ok? In what hospital is this acceptable? He had no rash when they got him, and he is in PAIN because they did not listen to me and change him enough. And again they ignored me when I said he needs diaper cream,

I'm headed up there shortly, and will be demanding to speak to a social worker about this. This is a Big Fucking Deal, and I am VERY upset. That rash was bad enough last night that it may need some actual medical attention, and something for the pain. Not ok. How does this happen on a PEDIATRIC HOSPITAL UNIT?!

Anyway, unless I see them write into his chart "keep in diapers, check every thirty minutes, use diaper cream every time" and something about pain relief, I'm taking him home.


Lisa said...

Oh my god,

We are in America, we are supposed to have the best healthcare system in the world, this is totally surprising and completely unacceptable, some people should lose their jobs for neglecting this most basic aspect of his care. I would be taking pictures and be taking someone to court over this. I'm so sorry for him, it must be very painful.

EmmaVerdona124 said...

I'm sorry to hear about that!
I argee with Lisa though
you could find another nurse but you could've checked their qualitcations before condsiering that
those nurses are awful and also a total quack

also report to the BBB

Amber DBTD said...

Emma, these aren't home health nurses, they're the nurses at the hospital psych ward. I don't get a choice, so their qualifications would be a moot point. The problem too is that there are a lot of burnt out, cranky, negligent nurses (and doctors, and lawyers!) ho have qualifications out the wazoo. Qualifications are great, but bedside manner and experience are better.