Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Unexpected information... Hmm.

Just got home from visiting Jaymes, didn't go too well. He's off his meds right now, and wow is he hyper. I haven't seen such a manic Jaymes in a few years! He was literally vibrating with energy. He was fluctuating between happy manic and angry manic, and was just too worked up to even really notice me there most of the visit. Interesting to see him off his meds though, I suppose the meds were doing more than I realized.

Today I was given some very interesting news... The intern who was digging through all of Jaymes old records accidentally came across test results from 2008 that no one ever told me about, and we missed the follow up appt for some reason (I have no idea why, I never miss things like that!). Apparently, Jaymes is severely lactose intolerant. Nobody ever called with test results, so I assumed it was the usual "if you don't get a call, tests were normal" and just moved on to the next specialist. I feel terrible for Jaymes, between me and the doctors, this totally slipped through the cracks and he's been suffering for 2 years because of it. That explains the horrible stomach problems, and his lack of weight gain. Poor baby. Now that we know, he's on the lactose free diet. I imagine his mood will be a lot better once his tummy feels better. If nothing else comes of this week he's been there, it was worth it to find this out.

He should be discharged Friday night, assuming nothing changes. They're starting him on a higher dose of Risperdal and a new medicine (Tenex) to replace the Clonidine. Hopefully he'll be doing better! Now I'm off to go research lactose free diets. The hospital may have specialist to make it easy for them- but I need to arm myself with information!

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Jasmine said...

Good to hear you found that information out. Dairy and gluten can effect behavior in Autism. I would take him off of dairy and gluten products.