Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We're all connected

This is a neat little story I thought I would share, because it really touched me and gave me some serious warm fuzzies.

My cell phone has been acting up, and being a real pain in the rear, so tonight I called AT&T to have it replaced under warranty. The customer service agent I was directed to was incredibly sweet and helpful, and the phone will be replaced no problem. At the end of the call she was confirming my email and mailing addresses. When I got to the part of my email address that reads "at dont bite the dog dot net", the agent laughed and said she'd never heard one like that before. I love talking about the website (yes, I really am still working on it, life gets in the way but that site is something that I'll always be adding to), so I told her that it was an autism resource site I maintain as a gift back to my fellow autism parents. She was amazed, and explained to me that her grandbaby was just about to go for diagnosis for an ASD. We talked a little bit, and i swear we both were goosebumpy and feeling those warm fuzzies.

We're all connected, this autism in our lives brings together people in two different states who have never met, through a simple phone call to get a new phone.

I think that is incredibly cool. I bet you do too.

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