Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jaymes is a Techie

The boy LOVES electronics. Particularly his Vantage Lite. He understands the basics so well, and he learns how to say new things after just a time or two. It's amazing to watch. He still needs prompting some of the time to remind him to stay on task and not just punch random buttons, but it's impressive. Have some video! The finger in the pic is Jaymes, not mine, and his hand is not being guided. It's all him, with a couple of reminders from me. Be amazed. I am. And please disregard my exceptionally stupid sounding voice ( :

And one from yesterday, asking for... I forget what. Sorry for the poor video quality. Sony Ericsson Walkman phones have cruddy video quality apparently.

I'm working on customizing it for Jaymes, went to an awesome all day training thing on Tuesday to learn how to do things with it, and it was really, really helpful.


Shana said...

I just think it is awesome how well he is doing with this. Great job momma!

Amber DBTD said...

Thank you, I think it's pretty cool too! He's a smart little booger.