Friday, July 10, 2009

Sad state of affairs in NC

I guess it could be worse, at least they're not axing Speech therapy for Medicaid kids.. Unfortunately, they are axing a whole lot of important stuff, including my husband's position. Note: These days, working in the human services field is a bad idea. He's got a year, then we'll be looking for a new job.

Anyway, copied and pasted from the Autism Society of NC's blog:

The Case for Raising Revenue

Without additional revenue, let’s review what is at stake: (The Autism Society of North Carolina supports this analysis from the Arc of NC.)

LME services cuts ($65 million ):
This includes a $50 million dollar cut to services without specifics, a $16 million cut to services to people with DD who also have a CAP slot and a $4 million cut to “non-core ” services.

The LME cuts for services will mean:
a.. Severe reduction of hours in day programs
b.. Loss of day program placements
c.. Loss of placements in group homes
d.. Severe cuts or elimination of supported employment and long-term follow along services
e.. Some group homes and day programs may close

Case management Cuts ($58 million):
Calculations by the Arc of NC show that to get this amount of savings, they would have to eliminate all of case management.

The case management cuts will mean:
a.. Case managers won’t be able to write comprehensive person-centered plans
b.. There will be no one to assist families with benefits coordination
c.. Service authorizations will be delayed
d.. Case management jobs will be eliminated
e.. Some agencies will close limiting provider choice and adding thousands to the unemployment rolls

3% rate cut to Medicaid services:
This cut combined with other cuts will cause providers to close and reduce already inadequate staff salaries

The provider rate reductions will mean:
a.. Direct support staff salaries will be reduced further adding to the shortage of qualified direct support personnel
b.. Thousands of jobs will be eliminated
c.. Some agencies will close adding thousands to the unemployment rolls

In addition:
Continuation budget cuts will reduce hours for people who currently have CAP-MR/DD services and limit the ability to get additional hours if a crisis arises.

Cuts to Medicaid personal care services, the Community Support program , and statewide contracts to non profits like the ASNC will further erode the supports to people with autism and other developmental disabilities and their families.

Finally, in addition to the devastating loss of service, thousands (we believe potentially 40 - 50,000) of North Carolina citizens will lose their jobs adding to our deep economic and unemployment problems.