Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Yuck in general. I have not been feeling wonderful lately- combination of stress, exhaustion, and bad eating habits probably. Feels like a rainbow full of boxing leprechauns are having a brawl in my stomach. Yuck. Not the kind of feeling that makes me particularly ambitious to do anything. Unfortunately, I have a lot that needs doing.Supposed to have sent out Ebay crap on the 27th, obviously that hasn't happened yet. I don't like Ebay selling- it's such fun while you're watching the bids rise. Then it's over and out of the $50 you made, you owe Ebay fees of $15 from the last months sales that you weren't paying. You also miscalculated shipping and end up taking a $16 loss on shipping a saddle. You also hate shoving a zillion boxes of different shapes and sizes, but that all reek of sweaty horse, into your little car and driving into town to try and mail it all off. You stand in line at the post office with a chattering 2 year old and Jaymes lunging at everyone's packages and groaning, then get horrible dirty looks while you spend 30 mins shipping out each of those zillion packages with insurance and delivery confirmation.

Ah, the joys of Ebay selling. And that's only one of the things I need to get around to doing.

Need to fix my garden over Chancie's grave.. When my little black doggie died, we decided flowers were a better grave marker than something we could buy. It was coming up so beautifully, then the baby mule got out under the wood fence, and smashed it to smithereens. Do I want to kill the Moal? Yes. Would I sell her for sausage at the right price? Probably. GRR.

Need to clean out the pasture. It's been really, really hot though, and the moal chases me down to nibble on me and shove her little muley head into my bosom. It's sweet, but not while I'm trying to do things. Anyway, the pasture is dotted with piles, and I know that having let it go, it'll be worse than it would have otherwise been. Serves me right for slacking I guess.

And then there's the big thing- the one I'm really nervous about- getting that meeting with the school to re-discuss Jaymes' placement next year. I don't even know how to bring it up. I could email his teacher, I guess... The person who works in his classroom who was at that workshop on Saturday had said she'd do it, but I have not heard anything so I'm going to assume I need to do it myself. It always serves me well to assume it's not done unless I've done it, LOL.

I need to get some more exercise too. I'm gaining weight again, which stresses me out because I wasn't happy with what I was, and adding MORE to that isn't helpful. I'd love to wlak more, but I'm so tired all the time. I wake up tired. I could get up and go back to sleep at 11am, and still be tired. That and my hip hurts still from my Batty fall, and I just don't feel good in general. I know it's a vicious circle- the less exercise the more tired I'll be, and so on and so on. I just wish something would go away- if my hip wasn't so painful and it wasn't so hot, I'd walk. If I wasn't so tired, I'd go out and do more. Meh.

I think I'll just go snuggle my Sierra.

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Jasmine said...

I hope you start feeling back to normal soon.