Monday, May 4, 2009

Surprises abound

I got a little surprise, and was reminded that at my house, one should expect the unexpected.

This is what popped out of the mare I bought who was "not pregnant." The mare is a story herself, actually. I bought her 3 months ago (give or take, I'm bad with time-frames!) from a horse trader for less than meat price. She was emaciated (pics below), wormy, had godawful feet, and was blind in one eye due to an untreated eye trauma. She still had saddle marks when she arrived.

Not a word was said about the mare possibly being bred until a recent email to the person, where they finally admitted she "might have been bred to a jack." Ya think?!

Anyway, Lucy is doing great. She's packed on the pounds, and her feet are being worked on. We've been battling some severe thrush, what a pain. She seems to be doing well after having the baby, though the vet said she did retain some of the placenta and gave her two shots of Ocytocin to get rid of the remaining pieces. Retained placenta can cause founder, reproductive issues, and even death, so it's a serious thing. $200 later, both have a clean bill of health, though we're watching momma for reaction to the Oxytocin and baby for a slightly herniated umbilical cord stump.

Baby is indeed a mule, and she's a gaited mule. Mom is a Racking Horse, I guess that makes baby a Racking Mule? She's gorgeous, and really nicely built (in my opinion) considering the backyard bred insanity and neglect the mare endured. I'm surprised this baby was born alive, all things considered.

Her name is Chilli the Moal (moal= mule+foal), and she's beyond adorable. I do not, however, want 2 horses and as soon as Chilli is 4 months old, she'll be sold. If you want a beautiful gaited mule, email me. She'd make a great little show mule. She's got a very delicate, feminine head and beautiful ears. LOVE the ears.

As you can imagine, I'm torn between "Oh fuck, why me" and "How cool!"

I'm trying hard not to get attached, I cannot keep her past weaning for a zillion reasons. Yes, I have room for 2, but not the money, or the landlord permission!

Anyway, welcome to the world, little Moal.

Before and afters of Mom:


MoonNStarMommy said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww it is very cool!! Even if you do have to get rid of one of them. It would be horrible not to get attached.

Amber DBTD said...

I have not decided which one to keep yet. Probably will keep momma. She's already broke, and and awesome girl.

Juli said...

You've done an awesome job getting the mare healthy. She looks great. The baby is pretty cute too, but of course, they always are. Even when they bray. Maybe even especially when they bray. I love mules!!! Having said that, I've never owned one. Maybe for my next equine...

Anyway, have fun with the baby. They are a blast, even when you can't keep them.

Amber DBTD said...

Interestingly enough, I've yet to hear the baby make any sound really. Just snuffly noises.

Halo said...

Wow!! what a surprize!!! awww bless she does look very cute, i did think she maybe she did look abit like a donkey (can i say that?haha).

Welcome Chilli!