Friday, May 15, 2009

Lazy Friday

Got a lot to do, including heading up to Child Support in Winston to get an inter-state case started against Jaymes' sperm donor. He's been avoiding the NC CSE lettes, so now they'll serve him with papers.


One day.


It's only taken them a year so far. What have they done in this year?

1. Made Jason get genetic testing to make sure he's not Jaymes dad. Duh, did it, he's not. We know who his dad is for god's sake!
2. Sent 2 letters.

Yes, in a year. The new caseworker seems really nice, and she explained everything to me, which is a lot better than the previous one, who scolded me for even asking.

Anyway, busy day. But here's some good reading on the Oprah/McJenny debacle

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