Wednesday, April 15, 2009

To hold you over...

Here are some blog recommendations, to keep you satisfied during my time of not being able to blog a whole heck of a lot. These are awesome blogs, so go read them and become hooked like I am.

Magneto Bold Too!
- By far my very favorite blog, ever. Don't drink anything while reading, it'll end up on your computer screen.

Leelo and his Potty Mouthed Mom- Witty, informative, from the heart. Love it.

Attack of the Redneck Mommy- Really, really funny stuff. Kinda sad lately, but it will touch you right down to your soul.

Whitterer on Autism- Hilarious posts, with a little seriousness in there, and some gorgeous pottery available now on Etsy. I want one, but I'm poor at the moment, lol.

Beautiful Spectrum- Because her daughter sleeps in a dog bed too, so I am NOT the only one who allows this. Hooray!

Autism, Blessings, Challenges
: Lots of fun photos for me to look at.

My Five Men- I love her latest post with before and after pics of her son's dinner plate.

Odd Mom Out- Because this line from her latest entry about made me wet my pants giggling like a fool. "I did prep him about wheelchairs though. Not to point at them, say anything mean, or god forbid, wheel them away." Jaymes would totally wheel them away, just because.. well, they're on wheels.

Earth to Brandon- My best buddy Julie's blog about her kids. She's also preggo, due sometime this summer (I've asked a million times and still cannot remember). Hooray for babies (that are in someone ELSE'S womb)

Heather's Happy Heart- Much less cynical than my typical reading *coughKelleycough cough*, with great easter egg pics to boot!

Mum's the Word- Apparently the Nintendo Wii can function as Speech therapist. Heeheehee.

And for you horse lovers out there.... Success in the Show Pen- Awesome information brought to you by the worlds coolest midgetcamelthing.

Enjoy! Sorry if I forgot anyone, I pretty much posted people who regularly comment here, because they deserve extra love for the insight, support, and advice they offer in their comments.


Betsy said...

Hi! This is so fun...I recognize several blogs here as ones I follow! And it's nice to have recently connected with your blog! :)

Halo said...

Thank you so much or mentioning my blog :) My latest post is not so positve so i will mention you on the next post. thanks again hun x

Amber DBTD said...

Anytime, my dear ( :

Kelley said...

cynical? Me? Piffle.

I have been meaning to search out some more Autism blogs, thanks for saving me the effort!


Amber DBTD said...

Heh, the cynicism is part of your charm, Kelley!