Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More Autism Awareness, some screaming, a limping 5 year old, and way too many Spongebobs

What a week this has been. Between staring obsessively at my mare making sure she is ok and navigating Walmart and the stormy seas of my marriage.. Well it's been a long week.

Jason is on a Walmart kick, and hours are very short at work this week. So, I've been hauled to the big W at least 3 times a day for the last week. Literally. Three trips to Wallyworld on EASTER. I'm going to go insane, I do not understand why Walmart is this man's idea of a fun time out. It's not, it's exhausting and stressful. Day after Easter I apparently said something that ticked him off, so he walked off and left me to wander aimlessly around the store with no phone and no money, and 2 kids. One child was perfectly well behaved, the other not so much. I'll let you decide who was good and who was difficult.

Jaymes spent the entire time screaming so loudly it hurt my ears. I usually don't get that embarressed with this kind of thing, but it was just me, the store was very crowded, and he was just shrieking, and shrieking, and shrieking. Not a fun trip. When Jason got over his tantrum and found me (without the aid of a phone to call me, I'll go into that in a bit) we got what he wanted to get and went home. Seems that lately Mr. Jaymes is big into promoting autism awareness by being a little stinker in public. Let's just say EVERYONE in Walmart was VERY aware of something by the time we left. What that something is, remains to be seen. To be fair, I blame the heavy crowds and noise for Jaymes' behavior. it's very stressful for an adult at Walmart, i'm sure it's stressful for him too.

The phone was an innocent casualty in the middle of a fight. I like to think that by smashing the phone, I avoided a possible murder with bare hands. Some would admire my restraint, however AT&T... Not so much. It was suggested that I not use insurance to replace the phone, because I only have 2 claims per year and one is already used up. Instead I headed off to Walmart, and renewed my contract and got the fancier version of my phone, in red, for free! Hooray!

A couple days ago, Jaymes apparently tripped getting out of the car, when his stuffed snake, Snakie, wrapped around his leg and grabbed him. He's been on and off limping since, but sometimes he seems fine and it's really hard to tell if he is in pain, or faking it. Moving his ankle around does not seem to hurt him any, and when he wants to he can run to whatever he wants. Maybe when he first tripped he was really limping and decided he liked how to felt and is just doing it now? Or maybe his ankle only hurts occasionally? Who knows, he's a strange one. if he's still limping in a couple days he'll be seeing the doctor, but I think if I took him now, they'd just say to watch and see if it gets worse.

Spongebob has been an increasingly irritating presence in my house. Jason and Sierra both just love it. jaymes doesn't care one way or the other. Spongbob annoys the hell out of me. I much prefer Elmo, My Little Pony (Jaymes loves "Pony"), Dragon Tales, Pinky Dinky Doo...etc. Sierra is a fanatic. All day, every day we have to watch her same Spongebob DVD. Over and over. It makes her so happy. And she has 6 of these little spongebob happy meal toys that she surrounds herself with, along with her big spongebob talking toy and a little red rubber bath toy crab. She watches her DVD and makes the spongebobs dance around her, like some bizarre tribal ritual. One day I expect to find her duct taped to the ceiling fan as all the Spongebobs dance beneath her twirling body. Actually she'd probably enjoy the spinning.

In other news, had Easter dinner at my moms. Good food, had a good time. Jaymes and Sierra loved their easter baskets, and consumed their weight in junk like candy necklaces, chocolate bunnies...etc. They were vibrating with sugar by the time we got home. Most of it seems to have left their little systems by now, though Jaymes WAS unusually perky this morning when I got him up for the bus.

Anyway, my apologies for the lack of blogging. I've been very busy watching my mare and making sure she's alright. I'm very attached to her and an probably a little OCD about her care. I'll try to be better, in between my sleep deprivation and insanity.


Halo said...

We had a similar time in our local supermarket recently. twinkle screamed, everyone looked. You know the one!

Also she's not liking going to town just lately, too many people, too much going on.

Hope your lads leg gets better soon and it's nothing to serious.


Amber DBTD said...

I think they know it's Autism Awareness Month, and want to do their part.

kristi said...

I am glad to know that me and my Hubs are not the only ones who argue at Wal Mart..lol.

Bobbi said...

It's been kind of like that at our house too. Bummer. At least you got a new phone! I love red!

Amber DBTD said...

I'm convinced the stress of Walmart shopping is the perfect catalyst for a really nasty fight... Never fails. I miss Woolworths.

And yes, I love my red phone! I've never owned a "colored" one before, always black or silver. Very exciting stuff.

Odd Mom Out said...

I know this sounds looney but I like seeing OTHER kids freak out in walmart. Makes me feel better about my own kid going nuts and screeching. LOL

Amber DBTD said...

Not loony at all! I'm the same way. The louder the other kid, the wider my grin. Evil, eh?