Friday, November 4, 2011

Quick update and I'm an idiot

This is a very brief update, hopefully my sanity will allow for more posting soon but not right now.

Jaymes is at a 30 day respite home, to give both him and us a much needed break. He is thrilled, and just loves the people and the home, so I'm happy about that. We're working on our own issues, and letting ourselves have some down time that is spent with Sierra, letting her be a normal kid for once.

I'm an idiot and lost track of my payments on my website domain name, and would you believe that if you let a domain name expire, it costs $160 to get it back? Obviously this was not an option, so the new url is Same site, different address. Sorry about the idiocy, I have no idea how that happened. So much for assuming recurring payments actually recurring. Silly me.

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