Thursday, April 21, 2011

I guess they're aware now...

First of all, may I just say, happy autism awareness month! Though life has kept me far from the computer, Jaymes and I have been making our own unique brand of awareness. I will share that here, and once the massive mountain that is my school work due in the next couple weeks has gone down some, I will share the long version of the many, many things that have happened over the last couple months. I will quickly mention that Jaymes was finally moved out of the class with the teacher from hell, and he is doing VERY well now that he’s in class with a teacher who knows him, can teach him, and cares about him.

He’s far from perfect, but he’s doing so much better than in the other class. Of course the down side to that is the fact that this school year has pretty much been a waste of what little precious time Jaymes has to catch up. I’m thrilled to have the issues solved, but there’s what... Another month and a half of school left? And then what? I’ll get into that personal rant once the aforementioned mountain of school work is finished.

Jaymes is having some major issues with touch- he cannot deal with other kids touching him. Even so much as a tap on the shoulder and Jaymes is convinced that he has been viciously attacked- and he attacks back. We are working hard on this. He bit a little girl in the regular ed kindergarten class, quite badly, and I’m very unhappy with that. He’s lucky he did it at school, because if he’d done it at home, the gates of hell would have opened. We do NOT bite. But, that’s another rant for another time.

Back to our awareness efforts. Check out this fantastic article, featuring my cute little man, in our local paper for autism awareness month. It totally made my day. I love being able to reach out to my local community. With this blog, it’s mostly NOT local folks reading. I am thrilled to help anyone, but it’s especially neat to share resources locally too. Anyway, I had to cut the article apart and scan it in three pieces, so I hope it’s reasonably readable. Enjoy, and soon my rantings will be back, along with some new book reviews and maybe even a few book give aways!

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