Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rocket, mighty sensory pony and an update on the school craziness

First the school update, following up on my post earlier today... If you didn't read that, none of this will make sense, so read the first one before this one!

I got Jaymes' school planner back with a note that led me to believe Jaymes' teacher has some kind of reading comprehension trouble. How many times do I have to say that I cannot do meetings in the afternoons unless they're after 3:30? Can't do it. Too many reasons to list. Anyway, she wrote down that she'd scheduled the IEP meeting for next Thursday at 1:00pm. Can I list everything wrong with this? Yes, I can. Because I'm very irritated about it.

1. I can't do afternoon meetings unless they're after 3:30.
2. Thursday is therapy day, and therapy is at 2:30.
3. By law, I have to have ten days notice.
4. I can't do afternoon meetings unless they're after 3:30.

Why is it "unfair" to ask the teachers to do a morning meeting? Is it fair to expect me to come at the time convenient only to the school? They're being paid for their time. I'm a mom, a full time student, my son's personal appointment maker, case manager, medication keeper-tracker...among other things. And last time I checked, "mutually agreeable" meant a time convenient for both myself and the school. Has that changed?

Anyway, I'm done with this stupid back and forth getting nowhere with the teacher, who treats me like a child and with complete and utter disrespect. I'll deal with the principal, who is very respectful toward me, and who actually gets things done.

As for the situation with the losing his sticker for talking at lunch... I got a very insulting note back that basically said (not a direct quote, I'm too tired to go find the book) "Jaymes talked all through Kindergarten class, circle time, and lunch and wouldn't stop to eat. He has to follow the rules just like everyone else. He talked, so no sticker."

Ok, so if he talked all through several "subjects," why did he only lose the lunch sticker? Why not the Kindergarten sticker? Or the circle time sticker? I wouldn't have been as annoyed had he lost a sticker for talking during an academic time. But in what world, ESPECIALLY in an EC class, is it fair or correct to punish a child with autism, who is six years old, for talking? At lunch. Really. I am really very upset about it. I may start coming at lunch time and eat lunch with them.

There are some other concerns too. Every day Jaymes is coming home, and screaming at various people, using phrases we do not use at home. For example "I don't want to hear it," "You do not yell!!!" and a few other things that sound like something someone is yelling at him. He's been lying on the ground, telling me it's nap time, then alternating between being "himself" sleeping on the "mat" and then jumping up to stand over the mat yelling "go to sleep!" "you do not talk!" "you do not touch the lights!"

So yes, I'm quite concerned. I think at this point I want him out of that class. I feel a storm coming, and it's not going to be pretty. I hate that I'm going to have to pitch a fit over this stuff, but it's not ok. My son deserves to be educated properly, fairly, and kindly. I hope to god no one is yelling at him.

So I'm going to give up trying to talk to this teacher, who seems to just be prodding me with her daily notes (remember the potty training conflict? Oh, he's still not potty trained, by the way. The kid who was apparently "more than ready." Imagine that. I'm just going to talk to the principal. She's a good lady, and she has always shown herself to care first and foremost about my son's needs, rather than the passive aggressive insanity that I'm getting right now.

On a happier note, when I'm very stressed out over school/Jaymes stuff, I go to my happy place. Some people's happy place is on the beach, or in their living room. Mine is on top of a dusty, hairy, smelly pony. I love my pony, he makes everything melt away and I get to take back my remaining sanity.

Sunday, my friend Elisha (Rocket's old owner) came over and we decided to body clip him, since he was growing a crazy long winter coat already and it was uncomfortable for both of us with how much sweating he was doing while riding. But I never do things the normal way... nope, a normal clip job would have been boring. So we clipped stars all over both sides, from head to tail. And two rocket ships, one on each side of his rear end. and he looks awesome. Jaymes loves it, because of the sensory aspect- he loves to rub from the velcro-feeling clipped parts over to the long, soft, shaggy stars. And he loves stars in general, so seeing them on the pony adds to the wow factor.

Now, this would not be complete without pics. Enjoy!

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Bobbi said...

Oooh, I would be so mad! Poor guy. That teacher doesn't sound very smart. I hope you get it all worked out. I need to take some lessons from you and get tougher with my sons teacher. Love the horse, that is awesome!