Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's a train! It's Easter eggs!

Yesterday Jaymes came home from school with his usual Wednesday packet full of artwork. As always, I kind of shuffled through. I'm ashamed to admit I go through it in an effort to find the good stuff then toss the not-so-impressive stuff. I know, terrible mother! But I lack storage space for every drawing Jaymes comes home with!

Anyway, this week there was a lot of cute stuff. He did a collage type thing, cut out funk buildings glued onto paper to make Dr. Seuss' Whoville. Very cool looking. I must remember to take pics today sometime and post them up. As usual there was a lot of coloring pages with random scribbling all over them, those got tossed. There was a neat book Jaymes made that kind of goes with the Green Eggs and Ham story that he loves so much. When asked what it was, he yelled out "Green Eggs and HAAAAAM." Dug through the rest, and came up with three drawings. Jaymes told me what each one was (a train, sunshine, and eggs) then grabbed the roll of duct tape and tried to put them up on the wall. After prying the duct tape out of his hands (my house looks tacky enough without duct tape on the walls!) we went and hung up his masterpieces with clear mailing tape instead. Aren't WE high class. He was pleased.

So, having sorted the cool stuff out, I left the throw away pile on the counter and went to get Jaymes afternoon meds fixed up and his shoes and jacket picked up off the floor. When I got back, Jaymes had the throw away pile and was coloring on the backs of the coloring sheets. I looked over his shoulder and was totally shocked to see that he had written his name! The J, A, and E were PERFECT and I am still amazed! He has come such a long, long way and it's just incredible the changes that take place over time. If I took this Jaymes back to the OT her had at 3, she wouldn't believe me that he was the same kid. It's really incredible. He needs some help with the Y,M, and S but he knows how to spell his name, and he has an idea of how to do the letters. What a cool kid.

He proceeded to draw another train, then we headed outside to enjoy the summery afternoon. He and Sierra spent the rest of the afternoon spraying one another with the hose, screaming bloody murder, taking toys from each other, and eating popsicles. Life is good.

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leah said...

I love it. We have a lot of random scribbles/finger paintings/glitter covered papers, too- I usually send them off to the grandparents as part of our "glitter redistribution program." The bigger art projects get put up on the wall with scotch tape, and I take a picture of the art every month. There is no way to keep all the art, lol! I might start making a scrapbook to put the smaller drawings into- saving one per month or something like that.