Tuesday, December 29, 2009

DIY Hearing Aids

Pictures before post, because I know that's what you all want from me!

Jaymes with his new train- see the glee? and the drool. But the GLEE!

MMMMM Candy! all this, for MEEE?

We love the truck!

The car ride to FL, Jaymes got his elbow stuck inside his beloved Blue Cup. Yes, he cuddles and loves on a blue cup. And yes, my kid got his elbow stuck in a cup. He's that cool. I know you're jealous of that skill.

We got home from Florida yesterday night, after a horrendous 12 hour drive. The drive was pretty unremarkable, aside from Jaymes deciding that my taking his hearing aids from him (he kept taking them out and dropping them) during the drive was unacceptable, and he did something about it. He grabbed a can of Play Doh and built himself a set of (sort of) identical hearing aids. Brown ones. Complete with the ear mold and behind the ear components. Thankfully he did not shove the play doh so deep that it wouldn't come out, he was very careful about it, and as soon as they were made and on, he was content. He rode the rest of the way like that, perfectly happy. Weirdo. ( :

The trip was pretty good, although I freely admit that I did NOT want to go. I hate Florida, and I would have rather spent a private, small Christmas with my family (Me, Jason, Jaymes, Sierra.). The original reasoning that we were supposed to go was that my Grandma isn't doing well, health wise, and we were going to spend some time with her. But it ended up that we only got about 45 minutes of that week with her, and the rest with my mother in law and Jason's brother.

The kids loved it. Marie (MIL) is really good with them, and she doesn't get upset about messes or any of Jaymes' odd behaviors. She actually is a teacher's aide in an AU classroom, so she knows how to deal with Jaymes better than most adults (non-professionals, anyway). Sierra and Jaymes had so much fun, they ate and ate and ate, and we got a much needed break from being parents. I don't think we had to fix a meal for either kid all week long. It was a good break. She even does diapers. Always nice.

Christmas was a lot better than I expected. Jason's family is really loving and everyone was in the Christmas spirit, no stress or anything. We all gathered around the tree at like 6am, and for awhile attempted the one at a time process of gift opening. This did not work for Jaymes, and it quickly dissolved into a paper shredding, bow flinging, tissue paper flying free for all.

I got a new phone from Jason, it's technically a "gophone" or a pay as you go deal, but you can pull the SIM card and stick the one from the old phone in and it functions the same as it would on a contract phone. The only difference is, because I'm using it on a contract, I void the warranty and it will not be replaceable. But that's no big deal, I can renew my contract in about a year and then I get a new phone. Phones don't last much longer than a year at my house. Anyway, I got an LG Neon, with the neat slide out keyboard. He also got me a pretty pink flowery cover for it. I love it! He also got me a pair of pajama pants, something he gets me every year, but which nearly killed him this year. He got 2XX size. I know I'm a little plump, but not 2XX plump. He could have stood in one leg, and me in the other, and we'd have been pretty comfortable. He survived my wrath by explaining that he'd read the hanger size tag, not the tag on the pants. Apparently the hanger said M. You'd think he'd notice, but it was really funny anyway. I returned them and got a pair in the correct size, and am enjoying the comfy warmth.

Sierra got a lot of baby dolls. She's like that foster parent who gets a billion foster kids to collect the money they get. Except hers don't make any money, and she destroys them rather quickly. These should last her awhile. She got a bunch of other stuff too, and is very happy with her toys. Some of my online friends made Christmas super-extra-special, and sent us some really wonderful toys and a couple gift cards.

Jaymes got some trains, and the LEt's Go Thomas train toy he wanted so desperately. Unfortunately, he seems to be afraid of it now, I hope he warms up to it. He also got a TON of Play Doh, and is overjoyed. His best gift ended up being from one of my NY online pals, a wooden food cutting kit. It's like bread, fruits, and veggies that are all broken into 3-4 pieces that hold together with velcro. It comes with a cutting board and a wooden knife, and it really feels like cutting a real veggie. Very cool. He is enjoying it SO much. He likes to cut everything into a bucket, take a whisk and stir it, then loudly declare "Jaymes makin' the yummies."

Jason got a bunch of DVDs from his family, and a couple small things from us. He was very happy. His family ended up giving me not one, but two snuggies, the miraculous blanket with sleeves. I regifted one, and I guess will keep the other, though I'll be teased mercilessly for wearing one at home.

All in all, for a trip I didn't want to be on, it went well. Jaymes did really well till the end, and you can't blame him for having a hard time with his schedule changed up so much on him for a whole week. I got to see my friend April, and my friend Julie. Oh and Tara too. Julie has the cutest, plumpest baby who makes velociraptor noises and grabs big handfuls of hair. I loved him, he was soooooooooo cute. Her kids look SO grown up, I don't see people often enough. I'm really glad I got to see Julie- I miss her a LOT.

I hung out with my other friend, Tara, at the mall awhile, then we went to Jason's moms, and talked. Then she opened up the back of her gorgeous truck, and the kids bounced and crawled around in the bed of the truck. They enjoyed this quite a lot. It was pretty funny.

So, it was a good Christmas. I think we only had one really terrible moment, and that's pretty darn good for a whole week. I don't want to do it next year, but it was nice. And for all my bitching about dealing with the in-laws, they're pretty wonderful people.


Rachel Nixon said...

Hi Amber!

I loved reading your post, especially about the DIY earplugs- that's exactly the sort of thing my DD would do- shows that they're bright.....and determined!!!

Thanks for dropping by my blog- I could so relate to what you said about taking your son to the therapist and him biting and kicking- it's so nice to know that we're not alone. But at the same time I fell sad that so many of us mums are going through this- Stay Strong- you sound like you have a brilliant sense of humour and that'll see you through!

Happy New Year

leah said...

Ugh- hearing aids and the car. Nolan is terrible with chucking his aids out and then wanting them back in again (after the fifth go-around, we just take them away). THen the screaming ensues!

I hope Jaymes warms up to his Thomas the Train toy again soon!

Would you mind if I linked your blog to mine in a sidebar?

Amber DBTD said...

Rachel, they're silly kids, aren't they? And so much smarter than anyone gives them credit for. My son's school wants me to believe he has an IQ of 40...

Leah, sure, link away. I'll add yours to mine if I hadn't already. Same for you, Rachel.

Glad to know I'm not the only one who gets sick of putting the aids in over and over! I'm super paranoid about anything happening to them.

leah said...

Those stupid IQ tests don't really measure intelligence- I hate them. The rely so much on the child's cooperation and 'playing along,' not to mention they are heavily biased toward verbal acuity. Even though Nolan's primary issue is hearing loss, he shows a big gap in his "verbal IQ" and "non-verbal IQ." The stupid test just doesn't know how to test a child with less access to sound/language than a typical child. That subject always gets me riled up!

I'm always paranoid about his aids- it's one of the reasons we keep the brightly colored earmolds. Someone on my listen-up.org list mentioned using a super-tiny label to list your phone number on the inside of the aid's BTE case- I really should do that soon.

Kelley said...

Sounds like, except for the drive home, it was a good trip.

'Yes he cuddles and loves on a blue cup' cracked me up cause Boo did it with a jar of stirfry sauce.


Amber DBTD said...

Stirfry sauce? Awesome. I knew Boo was a cool kid. I guess the blue cup makes Jaymes cool too.